Netizen Ask The Question Of Why (G)-IDLE Miyeon Suddenly Got So Beautiful

When it comes to the beauty that represents (G)I-DLE, many Kpop fans will often think of Miyeon. (G)I-DLE’s main vocal not only has a good voice, but is also frequently mentioned in the top visual charts of the 4th gen despite the fact that the member was chosen by Cube as the official visual when the group first debuted is Shuhua.

Recently, a post on an online forum questioned if (G)I-DLE’s main vocalist was the case for suddenly becoming more beautiful. The author of the article compared the image of Miyeon during her debut and recently, along with the comment, “It doesn’t seem like it’s because of plastic surgery, so why can she be so beautiful? When (G)I-DLE first debuted, Miyeon didn’t stand out much, but now she’s the prettiest in the group.”

Before this question, Korean netizens said that Miyeon was inherently very beautiful, as evidenced by her childhood and un-debuted images showing her outstanding beauty. The fact that Miyeon has become more beautiful than her debut days is said to be the result of losing weight and finding a makeup style that is more suitable for herself.

“Because she has a cold skin tone but she also has brown hair, that’s why she changed to black hair later and also found a more suitable makeup style”

“Just like WJSN SeolA, losing weight and finding the right makeup style for me makes me more and more beautiful”

“Miyeon was originally pretty and now she’s just found a hairstyle and style to suit her”

“Ever since she was little, Miyeon has been pretty”

Photos of the past are still the same as now.”

“Am I the only one who thinks Miyeon looks pretty with brown hair…”

“It’s just because the style doesn’t match, but Miyeon is already pretty”

“The style when she debuted when she debuted looked like an auntie so it made Miyeon look old, but she still looks good with brown hair”

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