Netizen Reaction to Irene Return in Red Velvet Latest Comeback Teaser

Red Velvet’s return with a full lineup in August of this year will end the long days of waiting for fans – almost as long as the enlistment time of male idols. With such a long absence, Red Velvet’s upcoming comeback will is one of the biggest comeback to happens this year.

On june 26, Red Velvet officially kick off their comeback schedule with the released of a video teaser. The video showcase 5 member of red velvet entering a mystical store.

Although it is a teaser video for the group’s upcoming activities, most of the discussion revolves around Irene’s return. It seems like Netizen couldn’t forget the idol previous scandal, and many comment has been made mocking the return of Irene.

Although the hateful comment were many, there were still netizen who support the comeback of red velvet. It seems like the female idol still have a long way from restoring her previous image.

Irene used to be so pretty…


She looks scary now…

I don’t want to spend money on Red Velvet anymore~~

She has a pretty face, but her face reminds me of the scandal so it’s scary now. Image is really important to celebrities

I really like the Red Velvet members… but I’m also disappointed in her

I like the rest of Red Velvet so much, they’re really loyal to their fans so I’ll watch them every time they come back, but I’m not confident I can see Irene’s face…

She used to be the prettiest idol but image is so important to celebrities… she doesn’t look pretty anymore…

I don’t think it’s pretty anymore, I just feel scary

The teaser is really pretty.

There’s no shortage of singers, now I don’t want to spend any money on this group.

Oh, this concept is so cool. Crazy!

I just want to support the 4 members.

People with worse scandals are still doing well. I’m not a fan, but congrats on Red Velvet’s comeback.

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