DRAMA: Yujin (CLC) Was Dissed by a Chinese Trainee In Episode 1 of “GIRL’S PLANET 999”

On the latest teaser of “Girl Planet 999”, we get to see the contestant interaction for the first time. All the contestant gather at a large stage and each team perform in front of the judges and other trainee. The video then ends with MC Yeo Jin Goo announcing that the 99 contestants will be divided into groups of 3, each consisting of 1 Korean member, 1 Chinese member, and 1 Japanese member. Yeo Jin Goo added, “Either all three members will go hand in hand to the next round, or all three will be eliminated together.”

However, the controversial scene was when Chinese contestant Fu Ya Ning was asked to say a few words to CLC’s Yujin, Fu Ya Nin use the lyrics of CLC’s “Helicopter” from “We Go Up, Helicopter” to “We Go Up, But You Don’t.” The former “youth with you” trainee openly diss Choi Yujin in front of everyone on stage. The other contestants and the Masters board seemed quite surprised by Fu Ya Ning frank diss. Yujin decided to stay quiet but the idols seems to be quite frustrated.

After this teaser was posted, many viewers criticized Fu Ya Ning because of her provocative words. Many fans rally up to support Yujin, promist to vote for her so she gets a chance to debut. However, many believe that this is Mnet trick to create scandal, the same way they treat Lee Gauen in produce 101.

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