Fans Believe This Statement From A TWICE Member Hints The Group’s Future

TWICE debuted in 2015 and their contract is expected to expire in 2022. Coming soon will be the time when 9 members will discuss with the company about whether to continue or stop. There are a lot of people speculating that there might be more than one member who won’t stay with the company based on the group’s recent activity signs and JYP’s attitude. It can be seen that very few people are optimistic about the future of the group, but recently the statement of a TWICE member attracted attention when it was said to be related to the future of the group.

On July 28, TWICE held a livestream to celebrate the release of the group’s 3rd Japanese album ‘Perfect World’. In it, TWICE Dahyun shared the following: “Next year will be the 5th anniversary of the group’s debut in Japan. We will continue to release many new songs, please pay attention to the group. We hope to receive your support.”

Dahyun has said that TWICE will continue to release many new songs in 2022, even mentioning that next year will be the group’s 5th debut anniversary in Japan. This leads many fans to believe that TWICE will not disband and most likely the members will renew their exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment. Although the future is unpredictable, Dahyun’s statement has somewhat reassured ONCEs . Many hope that Dahyun’s words are true and that all nine TWICE members will stay with JYP Entertainment and continue promoting together.

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