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Fans Are Angry That K-Pop Idols are disrespected by dancers in Mnet “Street Woman Fighter”

Street Woman Fighter’ is Mnet’s first professional female dancer survival show. Here, 8 female dance groups will compete for the top spot. Dancers will perform a variety of street dance genres including hip hop, waacking, lock, krumping and breakdancing.

Most of the contestants are professional female dancers, but there is a Kpop idol in team WANT, Lee Chaeyeon – a former IZ*ONE member. Most recently, Mnet posted the show’s trailer and immediately attracted attention from netizen.

There are scenes where professional dancers seem to take Chaeyeon lightly because she’s a Kpop idol, not a professional dancer. Many viewers noticed that Chaeyeon’s shirt has the most ‘NO RESPECT’ stickers on it. This is said to be a trick of the Mnet when they let the contestants vote for who they think is the worst dancer. This made Chaeyeon fans extremely angry.

In another scene, Chaeyeon seemed to be under some pressure and burst into tears as she said, ‘I don’t think I can dance anymore’. WANT team members were there to comfort her and even asked the cameramen to stop filming out of respect for the artist’s privacy.

The fact that Kpop idols are overlooked is nothing unfamiliar. Previously in shows like Show me the money, high school rapper, idol rapper was always attacked by other individuals. However, netizens think that the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ contestants are really disrespectful to Kpop idols, especially when the judges Boa and Taeyong are all Idols. In another scene where the judged Boa was giving her comment to a performance, but a dancer continuously interrupt her despite Boa want to finish her comment.

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