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Netizen Reaction To The Top 3 Contestant of “Girl Planet 999”

Just 1 day before the broadcast, Mnet’s survival reality show “Girls Planet 999” announced the results for the pre-vote round in all 3 groups of contestants from Korea, China and Japan. Previously, fans were asked to vote for their favorite contestant through the UNIVERSE app.

After 1 week of voting, the 3 candidates with the highest number of votes were officially revealed, including:

K-GROUP: Huening Bahiyyih

C-GROUP: Su Ruiqi

J-GROUPSakamoto Mashiro

Both Huening Bahiyyih, Su Ruiqi and Sakamoto Mashiro are also the contestants with the highest number of PR video views and individual fancams in their groups. This is a big advantage for all 3 of these girls before entering the stressful rounds of “Girls Planet 999”.

However,the reaction of Korean netizens to the top 3 contestants in the pre-vote results of “Girls Planet 999” was not really positive. While Su Ruiqi received a lot of criticism for posting articles in support of the “One China” policy (most Koreans strongly oppose this policy), the representative of Korea is Huening. Bahiyyih also faced many mixed comments. A part of Korean netizens thinks that Huening Bahiyyih received so many votes due to her brother. Korean netizen believe there are other contestants that is talented and have more potential than her. Regardless, some netizen believe it is normal for a already popular trainee to receive attention at the begining of the show, if there is a more talented trainee, they will naturally attract the audience attention.

“But isn’t Huening Bahiyyih getting so many votes just because of his brother’s fame? There are many Korean trainees who are much better than her…”

“No matter if it’s Huening Kai’s sister or what, shouldn’t the one who posted in favor of One China deserve more condemnation? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Honestly, they shouldn’t have allowed anyone to post it? The song “One China” appeared on the show right”

“But I don’t know if it’s because Huening Kai’s sister was previously a YG trainee that I think she sings very well”

“Do you have to mention Huening Kai’s name to know who she is.. ㅋㅋ Of course, if there’s a celebrity in your family, you’ll naturally get everyone’s attention”

“The people who claim to be MOA (the name of TXT’s fandom) and claim to have voted for Bahiyyih are probably not real MOAs… Korean MOAs are lazy to stream and also lazy to vote. It’s sad but that’s it. It’s true, it seems that Bahiyyih is really the pick of international fans.”

“One China;;;; Huening Kai’s sister is better… If you’re praising the Chinese Communist Party, why go to a democratic country? I don’t want to see any any Chinese trainees”

“But if her brother is active in a group with a strong fandom, isn’t it normal for her to get a lot of votes in the first place? Even if she sat still, people would have known her early on. she’s Huening Kai’s younger sister, not to mention she’s also an idol trainee, even before the official profile was announced, the press had already published an introduction so no fan of TXT wouldn’t know about her involvement. After that, if there’s a trainee who catches the eye or stands out more than her, then people will naturally turn their attention there, that’s what survival programs are like.”

“Whether or not you rely on your brother or not, you will know later. The contestants who were noticed at first but couldn’t show their charisma will be eliminated later. Just look at Jang Moon Bok and you’ll understand, at first it was It’s a hot topic but they won’t debut in the end.”

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