Did The Former Trainee of SM Entertainment Really Make Mistake During Her Performance on Mnet Girl Planet 999

“Girls Planet 999” has officially aired and drawn a series of controversies from audiences everywhere. On the evening of August 7, the show officially aired its first episode and as expected, the drama after closing is still the “specialty” of survival shows from M net.

Among the participating contestants, those who are K pop idols or former trainees from Big 3 companies will attract more attention. One example is the case of Kim Cha hyun – a former trainee of SM Entertainment. Kim Chaehyun is considered a ‘missing member’ of aespa because she had practiced with Karina, Winter and Ningning.

In episode 1 of ‘Girls Planet 999’, Kim Chaehyun performed aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’ and took charge of Ningning’s high note. Unfortunately, the former female SM trainee made a mistake and voice crack when singing this part. However, Mnet later announced the full version of the contestants’ performances without including the reactions. Many people realize that in the full video, Kim Chaehyun’s high notes are not as obvious as the Mnet broadcast version.

SSince then, many fans believe that Kim Chaehyun is a “victim” of Mnet evil edit. The station may have edited the contestant part to make her crack sound worst, and give the impression that she really made a serious mistake.

On the contrary, there are also opinions that the broadcast version of Mnet is the original recording, and the full performance version because it sounds so smooth, the vocals may have been edited. Many people also pointed out that Kim Chaehyun had to really make a mistake when hitting the high notes for the judges to criticize her for this.

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