Is Red Velvet Joy and NCT Jonny Dating?

Recently, a dating rumor between two idols from SM Entertainment suddenly caused a stir on an online forum in Korea. This rumor originates from a series of “same” photos posted on the personal Instagram of Joy (Red Velvet) and Johnny (NCT).

The author mentioned: “The background is the same and the date is similar”. It is easy to see that both Joy and Johnny took photos at the same location because the wall pattern and the structure of the house behind are completely similar.

However, many fans of Red Velvet and NCT insist that it is all a coincidence. Some people pointed out that this place was originally a makeup shop that SM idols often frequented when they have schedules. Besides, many fans also found evidence that Johnny and Joy did not come here at the same time, because the tree in Johnny’s photo is still green, but in Joy’s photo, it has completely turned bare.

“Can’t you see the tree in the background ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Johnny’s is green and Joy’s is bare”

“It looks like it’s a make-up shop.”

“I’m really curious, that’s why I asked, what did Joy do to deserve this? Every day there are rumors about her relationship with NCT members, and its not even the same one”

“Sorry but if it’s true, I feel sorry for Joy 3000 times ㅠ”

“Who’s next?”

“In NCT alone, the number of members rumored to be Joy’s boyfriend has reached 5”

“The background is exactly the same, if they were really dating, wouldn’t they be so foolish as to be so obvious. Besides, they’re both SM’s idols so their travel schedules must be the same.. to some extent”

“Suppose 2 people go to the same prestigious university or work together at a famous company, wouldn’t just taking pictures near their university/company means they’re dating? Can you please think for a moment?”

“Why would someone like Joy date NCT?”

“I just think Joy is pretty and Johnny is cool”

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