After SooJin (G)I-DLE Leave the group, Netizen Are Angry With 2 Idols That Still Remain Active Despite Involve In School Violent Scandal

On the evening of August 14, CUBE officially reported on Soojin’s departure from (G)I-DLE. This is the result after Soojin’s past school violence incident was reported, which lasted for the past 5 months.

The wave of accusations of school violence by Kpop idols broke out earlier this year, causing many idols to struggle no less than Soojin. However, to be able to make the decision to leave the group like CUBE, JYP cannot. JYP company currently has 2 idols who are accused of school violence but still work with the group: Lia (ITZY), Hyunjin (Stray Kids).

Immediately after the news of Soojin leaving (G)I-DLE, Netizen left many sarcastic comments, saying that Hyunjin and Lia’s activities were unacceptable

Regarding Lia, JYP side has made a move to sue the writer who accused Lia of school violence by spreading untrue rumors about her. However, on June 13, the police side said there was no clear evidence to prove that the person who wrote the article was false or with slanderous purposes. Currently, Lia is still working normally with ITZY without any new updates on the scandal.

As for Hyunjin, after confessing to hurting the victim in the past, he apologized to the victim and was forgiven. Hyunjin was also announced to be taking a break from activities to self-reflect from the end of February. But now, Hyunjin has come back with Stray Kids, working normally.

The same situation with bullying scandal, but male idols still continue to take pictures and post on social media while female idols have to leave the group. If you have boycotted, you have to boycott it equally to be fair.

The two groups of a company let scandal member comebacks as if nothing happened, like they are trying to prove that their idols are not wrong

Hyunjin have a lot of fans so no one can do anything.

Hyunjin’s case is JYP trying to keep the popular member, CUBE doesn’t care.

What about Lia from ITZY? Are you going to just stay quiet and let it go? Let’s make it clear.

Hyunjin is popular among fans, but if he was not as popular, JYP would have kicked him out.

I’m wondering, why there are people involved in the school violence scandal, but some people take a break for a few months and then come back, others get insulted to the point of leaving the group?

Hyunjin apologized to the victim and was forgiven, but Soojin denied denying everything and said “if the bullying is real, I will leave the group”. Don’t compare when two things are different.

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