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IZ*ONE Kim Chae Won & Miyawaki Sakura could debut in HYBE new girlgroup?

On August 17, a news released by the Korean media not only shocked the Korean public but also shocked many Kpop fans. Accordingly, the new girl group of HYBE and Source Music, expected to debut around the end of this year, is said to have up to half of the lineup consisting of familiar names from IZ*ONE.

Exclusive news from Star News reports that Woollim Entertainment, Kim Chae Won’s management company, and HYBE have signed a confidentiality agreement since the end of June.

Accordingly, the new girl group of HYBE x Source Music will have 5 members, include 2-3 former IZ*ONE members and “Produce 48” contestants.

However, HYBE is facing some difficulties in managing Miyawaki Sakura’s contract with the Japanese management company. Another unnamed member of IZ*ONE is in talks, still undecided whether she wants to pursue an acting career or continue as an idol.

Later today, HYBE and Woolim haLater today, HYBE and Woolim have made an official announcement, saying that they “cannot confirm the details”. Both companies declined to answer specifically about the content of the artist’s contract.

Despite not being confirm, the fact that HYBE really put their new line up of 2-3 members from IZ * ONE, it is almost certain that the new girl group of HYBE and Source Music will face a wave of boycotts from the Korean public because of the cheating scandal that happened at “Produce 48”. As of now, the news that HYBE recruited Kim Chae Won for her new girl group has created a wave of intense anger in the Korean online community.

“Ah, I really hate this “

“IZ*ONE was branded as a cheat group with members from small and medium-sized companies from the beginning… They had to separate in order to restore their image”

“So this is Min Hee Jin’s girl group right…? Suddenly I’m not interested in this group anymore”

“1 cheating member + 1 right-wing member… It’s already done ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Don’t tell me this is Min Hee Jin’s girl group? Please tell me it’s not true”

“Isn’t she the one who cheated to get into the group… Trampled on other people’s dreams and now she’s more successful? Where’s the justice?”

“If this is true then I really don’t know what HYBE is doing or thinking…”

“Fromis_9 to IZ*ONE, HYBE is crazy”

“Isn’t Kim Chae Won a member suspected of cheating… So HYBE’s new girl group will have this cheating member… I will absolutely never support”

“Why not a brand new group with really fresh faces? The trainees they introduced are also quite good. Min Hee Jin’s girl group and this group are not the same. ?”

“Wait, what the hell? Why does it have to be that group of cheaters…”

“Isn’t this any different from IZ*ONE 2… The audience is already fed up with that group of cheaters, can’t they show us new faces?”

“A group of 5 but there are 2-3 members IZ*ONE and ‘Produce 48’ contestants… What the hell are HYBE and Source Music thinking?”

“They forced GFRIEND to disband just to bring this cheating group back and debut… I’d be pissed if I was a GFRIEND fan”

“Why does it have to be the one suspected of cheating the most.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ HYBE is really good at making the audience mad”

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