Netizen Reaction To Lucas (NCT/WayV) Cheating & Bad Behaviour Scandal

The topic that is making headline left and right now is the private life scandal of Lucas (NCT, WayV). Accordingly, the male idol born in 1999 was accused of having an affair with many fans from Korea to China, accompanied by acts showing bad character such as: Asking for expensive gift, slander TV shows and team member, bad behavior on set, etc.

The incident first broke out on August 23 and things only got worst from there. Finally on August 25, Lucas side and SM Entertainment officially spoke up about the incident. However, contrary to the small hopes and trust from fans, the party in blame issue an apology and announcement of hiatus, which was like a confession that all the allegation was the true.

Right after the announcement, the reaction from NCT and WayV fans were very aggressive. Since the rumor started, the management of the male idol’s biggest fanclub has simultaneously resigned. Many Chinese fan have radically boycotted male idols. On Weibo, there are many pictures showing these fans tearing up Lucas’ posters and goods to vent their anger.

Korean fans are also making similar moves and boycotting Lucas. They even asked the male idol to respect his member by leaving NCT and WayV to protect the groups image.

On the contrary, there are many international fans who still support Lucas. Immediately after the male idol officially apologized and announced the suspension, international fans together trended the hashtag #WeLoveYouLucas (We love you Lucas) to the point that this hashtag climbed to No.1 Trending Twitter worldwide.

Since lucas was only cheating and don’t commit any crime, these protected fans believe that the Idol can still comeback after repent. Many netizens were shocked and angry when they saw the hashtag #WeLoveYouLucas appearing on the top trending global Twitter. They think that these international fans are too blind to protect their idol regardless of right or wrong. They also pointed out that Lucas clearly admitted the mistake in the letter, and there is no way SM entertainment don’t take any legal action if the rumor was wrong.

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