Chaeyeon Receive Negative Respond For Her 1st Win on “Street Woman Fighter”

Following the success of the first episode, the second episode of Street Woman Fighter that just aired has continued to attract a lot of attention from the audience, especially Chaeyeon. In the last week teaser, there were many scenes of Chaeyeon bursting into tears, which make netizen believe she cried because of losing. But after the show aired, Chaeyeon’s crying scene turned out to be happy tears of victory after overtaking her opponent Taro.

Because of constantly receiving defeats, having a victory like this became even more precious to Chaeyeon. However, netizens disagreed, saying that Chaeyeon was not worthy, and even criticized the judges for unfair grading.

Taro has strong and fierce movement
Chaeyeon was more soft and repetitive

Netizen argue that Taro’s performance is filled with powerful and fierce movements, while showing off her sexy charm. On Chaeyeon’s side, her movement is more flexible and soft. But also because of that, the performance is somewhat poor. At the same time, Chaeyeon also repeats some of her movement, making the performance less impactful

Chaeyeon won by 2 vote
She cried and celebrate with her teammate

Being an idols aren’t wrong, but idols don’t fit the show, if they don’t feel worthy of winning, people have to speak up.

She is one of the best when she was on Produce 48, but in here, she sank. It’s just that her move is too repetitive.

Seeing that she dances well in the idol segment, everyone admits it, but in this show is a bit weak. Hopefully if she want to pursue a professional dancer, you will have to learn more.

– Can the program change the judges, but watching 2 battles that the person who deserves to win doesn’t win makes me angry.

Sometimes I do not understand this show, the person who deserves to win loses. Chaeyeon is clearly much weaker in the battle, not to mention her move are really similar.

Chaeyeon’s movements are repeated with indecision, winning is not very convincing.

I think the show should add a professional consulting team…

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