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Netizen Are Furious With The Results Of “Girl Planet 999” First Elimination Round

After many days of waiting, “Girls Planet 999” finally announce the results of the first elimination round, during the broadcast on September 3. 17 Cells with the highest number of votes and 3 contestants voted by the masters, will continue with the race to debut at “Girls Planet 999”.

Personal ranking of 33 K-GROUP contestant: (Highlight name indicate passed contestant)

1. Choi Yujin

2. Kang Yeseo

3. Kim Chaehyun

4. Seo Youngeun 

5. Kim Doah

6. Huening Bahiyyih 

7. Kim Dayeon

8. Kim Suyeon

9. Guinn Myah 

10. Yoon Jia 

11. Huh Jiwon 

12. Kim Bora 

13. Choi Yeyoung 

14. You Dayeon

15. Jeong Jiyoon

16. Lee Chaeyun 

17. An Jeongmin

18. Lee Hyewon 

19. Kim Sein

20. Kim Hyerim (Planet Pass)

21. Sim Seungeun

22. Lee Yeongyung

23. Lee Rayeon

24. Lee Sunwoo

25. Kim Yeeun

26. Lee Yunji

27. Choi Hyerin

28. Ryu Sion

29. Suh Jimin

30. Joungmin

31. Kim Yubin

32. Cho Haeun

33. Han Dana

Personal ranking of 33 J-GROUP contestant:

1. Kawaguchi Yurina 

2. Ezaki Hikaru 

3. Sakamoto Mashiro 

4. May

5. Kishida Ririka 

6. Nonaka Shana

7. Nagai Manami 

8. Sakurai Miu

9. Kuwahara Ayana 

10. Kubo Reina

11. Sakamoto Shihona 

12. Ito Miyu

13. Kamimoto Kotone 

14. Ikema Ruan (Planet Pass)

15. Hayashi Fuko

16. Arai Risako 

17. Hiyajo Nagomi

18. Yamauchi Moana

19. Ando Rinka

20. Aratake Rinka

21. Okazaki Momoko

22. Inaba Vivienne

23. Murakami Yume

24. Fujimoto Ayaka 

25. Kamikura Rei

26. Shima Moka 

27. Hayase Hana 

28. Terasaki Hina

29. Okuma Sumomo

30. Oki Fuka

31. Kanno Miyu

32. Kitajima Yuna

33. Nakamura Kyara

Personal ranking of 33 C-GROUP contestant:

1. Shen Xiao Ting

2. Su Rui Qi 

3. Cai Bing

4. Huang Xing Qiao

5. Chen Hsin Wei

6. Xu Zi Yin

7. Fu Ya Ning

8. Xiayan

9. Li YMan

10. Liang Jiao

11. Wen Zhe

12. Chia Yi

13. Wang Ya Le

14. Zhou Xin Yu

15. Liang Qiao

16. Hsu Nien Tzu

17. Yang Zi Ge

18. Zhang Luo Fei

19. Xu Ruo Wei

20. Gu Yi Zhou

21. Leung Cheuk Ying

22. Chang Ching

23. Wu Tammy

24. Ma Yu Ling

25. Lin Chen Han

26. Cui Wen Mei Xiu

27. Chien Tzu Ling

28. Ho Sze Ching

29. Poon Wing Chi

30. Lin Shu Yun

31. Liu Shi Qi

32. Wang Qiu Ru

33. Liu Yu Han

The results in the last episode 5 has reveal some shocking results, and gather mixed reaction from viewers. For Korean viewer, most of them expressed anger at the results that they considered unreasonable, especially for the korean trainees. Korean netizens believe that the Cell system of “Girls Planet 999” is very unfair, where a series of talented K-GROUP contestants such as You Dayeon, Lee Sunwoo, Lee Rayeon, etc. was eliminated because they were placed with others trainees who didn’t stand out. Meanwhile, many foreign contestants, although has low individual rankings, were able to continue to the second round just because they are in the same Cell with outstanding trainees.

In addition, the Top 9 line up also doesn’t sit well with Korean netizen. Although each group has 3 contestants in the Top 9, the representative of K-GROUP with the highest ranking, Choi Yujin, only came in 4th place. Meanwhile, all the first 3 rankings belonged to Japanese and Chinese contestants.

– “If it weren’t for that Cell system, You Dayeon, Lee Sunwoo, Lee Rayeon wouldn’t have been eliminated… And Yoon Jia, Choi Yeyoung, Kim Hyerim, Kim Bora, talented kids like this. It’s really hard to make it through… Especially Yoon Jia who’s ranked 17th and is in danger of being eliminated ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ”

– “It’s crazy, it’s also because of this Cell system that many high-ranked contestants are still eliminated in an instant ”

– “There are too many talents of K-GROUP who can’t continue, what a pity “

– “Because of the Cell system, the votes of the K-GROUP contestants were also scattered a lot. Maybe that’s why K-GROUP’s rank in the Top 9 is too low…”

– “You Dayeon ranked 14th but was still eliminated, doesn’t that make sense…”

-“A bunch of talented Korean contestants were eliminated, while the Japanese and Chinese kids ranked higher, what’s going on..?”

– “I had to exclaim in words when I watched Wow Thing, but only 2 of them were allowed to continue, not to mention that 1 of 2 still had to use Planet Pass. From today on I won’t care about this show any more”

– “I’m so sorry for Lee Sunwoo and Lee Rayeon ”

– “C-GROUP has a friend, XIAYAN, who is ranked 8th but is still eliminated… Can’t understand”

– “8th and 14th places are still eliminated while 26th and 27th are allowed to move on… Haizzz”

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