Mixed Reaction From Netizen Regarding “Girl Planet 999” You Dayeon – The Victim of Evil Editing?

“Girls Planet 999” has reached the 5th episode of a total of 12 episodes. And like most of Mnet’s other survival shows, this program soon created many dramas that created a stir among Netizens.

After the latest episode aired last weekend, besides the discussion about the results of the first elimination round, the Korean online community also angrily pointed out the contestant they thought was the biggest victim of evil edit at “Girls Planet 999” – You Dayeon.

Viewer must remember controversy regarding part division related to You Dayeon, when she burst into tears when not getting the part she wanted. From the very beginning, You Dayeon expressed her desire to try out for different parts, but leader Fu Yaning confirmed that each person only had one try.

After that, You Dayeon presented her wish to the Masters, however, she received stern reminder that she should discuss this problem with her teammate first. The show also aired comments from other team mate of Dayeon, saying that “If only she had told us before telling the Masters” (Kim Suyeon), “If nobody say anything, how would I know if everyone had any problems?” (Fu Yaning), which make You Dayeon’s image a bit more “unlikable”.

When looking back at that situation, the Korean online community expressed sympathy for You Dayeon, stating that the rules was wrong from the beginning. Netizen agree that Dayeon has expressed her opinion to try out for other parts, but her teammate doesn’t said anything to support her, which lead to the undesirable consequences. and that K group contestant are being mistreated on their own playing field.

On the other hand, some stated that You Dayeon action was wrong. For adults and people with life experience, she should have communicate with her team first before telling the master on her own, which caught everyone by surprise. therefore, some claim that the action of Dayeon is very selfish and could negatively affect the group.

Another situation that netizen also mention is the “ridiculous” awards Mnet offer to Dayeon – Contestants with the biggest difference before and after makeup. Many viewers who follow the program commented that the difference before and after You Dayeon’s makeup is no different from the rest of the trainees, but it seems that Mnet deliberately chose a somewhat odd scene to present, which embarrassed the contestant in front of viewers.

“This is a program that is broadcast all over the world, she must have been very ashamed and embarrassed. If I were to be evil edited + humiliated like that, I would smash that trophy right away.”

“There’s something very pitiful about You Dayeon in this show… Besides, Kim Suyeon’s answer about the part division is too absurd. From the very beginning, You Dayeon suggested giving her another chance but the other members didn’t react at all, and yet when they were interviewed, they talked as if You Dayeon never said anything to them ㅋㅋ…”

“Am I the only one who can’t understand why ‘The Eve’ team has a rule that each person can only try once..? Is it normal for other groups to decide like this?? That’s if If you sign up for vocal challenge 1 and fail, you have to wait 1 round before you can apply again…? Shouldn’t I have tried any part that I could do.”

“Initially except for the main vocal, the Chinese and Japanese kids took all vocal parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and left vocals 7, 8 for 2 Korean contestants ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That’s crazy, they are no better than anyone to take on vocals 1, 2, it’s ridiculous and from the beginning, You Dayeon asked to give her another chance but the other kids didn’t say anything, so but then during the interview, they said if they didn’t say it, how would they know?”

“Don’t like Fu Yaning and Su Rui Qi at all, not too good but too ambitious”

“From the coach’s point of view, it’s true that they might not like this kind of behavior…. But actually You Dayeon talked to the group first but no one listened. , during the midterm evaluation, the coaches commented that the line division was not very good. Maybe it was because of the right mood that You Dayeon said it in front of the coaches.”

“I also felt very angry when You Dayeon was eliminated, but my parents only remember her as a selfish child;; It seems that this is the difference in the mindset of those who have experienced it and those who have experienced bumps in society”

“Just think about it, if someone in the company says that to their superiors, they will be shunned by seniors and juniors…. It’s really not good for the team. It’s understandable why the trainers on the show didn’t like You Dayeon’s attitude. Whether she was immature or inexperienced, the situation clearly deserved to be scolded by the coach.”

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