“Girl Planet 999” 4 candidate for Main Vocal Position Are At Risk Of Elimination

When “Girls Planet 999” has finished it’s 6 episode in the total of 12, the audience has somewhat grasped the potential of each contestant as well as their debut opportunity.

In order to succeed in the 2-year period of operation, many people hope that the girl group that came out from “Girls Planet 999” will have all the elements from talent, charm and appearance to attract the public attention. And to do this, the winning group needs to have members capable of taking on the main positions (vocals, dance, rap, and visuals).

However, among the survival contestant, There are only 4 trainees that Korean netizens deemed to be capable of being the main vocal of the group, and all are trainees of K-GROUP.

Kim Hyerim (1999)

Kim Bora (1999)

Jeong Jiyoon (2000)

Choi Yeyoung (2000)

Sadly, all 4 candidates for the main vocal position are on the verge of elimination. The contestant with the highest ranking – Kim Bora, only ranked 12 in the total of 18 contestant. If their rankings do not improve, it is likely that all 4 of these contestants will be eliminated at the next ranking announcement. In this case, the winning group will face the possibility of not having a talented Korean main vocal as the audience expected.

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