“Girl Planet 999” Ice Cream Stage Receive Explosive reaction From Netizen

On the evening of September 10, episode 6 of the show Girls Planet 999 officially took place with the second round of missions called Combination Mission. The most noticeable stage in this episode was the performance of the song “Ice Cream” by the 9-member lineup including: Guinn Myah, Ikema Ruan, Kishida Ririka, Fujimoto Ayaka, Kim Dayeon, Huening Bahiyyih, Chen Hsin Wei, Hsu Nien Tzu, Wu Tammy

Owning in the team of 2 hottest “mixed race” contestants on the show, Guinn Myah and Huening Bahiyyih, the Ice Cream stage really exploded as expected. Each member of the team get to shine with their own center part, bringing a great performance overall. A notable factor at the Ice Cream stage was the leader as well as the main dancer Kim Dayeon. She not only leads the team well but also shines on stage with solid choreography and attractive charisma.

As of now, this performance is receiving explosive reaction from netizens:

The team did a great job, the coaches kept praising them all the time. I have to thank leader Dayeon so much for leading everyone so well.

My favorite stage today.

True to the song’s spirit, Myah shines every time she stands in the center. Future Somi is here.

Hsu Nien Tzu really improve her skills!

Oh, I’m quite surprised about Bahi this time.

Dayeon is so amazing, why didn’t I know about the previous episodes? The charismatic dance is also too good.

It feels like Myah is Somi’s successor. From visuals to qualities, they are all very similar. Everyone on this stage has their own chance to shine, no one is drowned.

Dayeon did the best, she deserves to debut.

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