Netizen Discuss If Chaeyeon Regret Appearing On Mnet “Street Woman Fighter”

Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ in which the best Korean female dance teams compete for the title of best, has been gaining popularity in the media. Many netizens expressed interest in the show even before it premiered, when former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon was announced to be on it.

Chaeyeon was deemed the weakest contender by other dance crew members from the first episode, as she received multiple ‘No Respect’ stickers from the other contestants. Chaeyeon was summoned again in the following episode, resulting in her complete defeat. She could no longer hold back her tears and break down in front of her members, feeling sorry that the group lost because of her.

Not just that, but there have been numerous disputes over Chaeyeon’s dance ability as an idol member against professional dancers throughout the broadcast. While some netizens expected Chaeyeon to demonstrate her dancing abilities, others were disappointed, believing that the opposite had occurred, and that her abilities are clearly inferior to those of professional dancers. A topic on Nate Pann is attracting attention, the post mention that “The purpose of Chaeyeon being on ‘Street Woman Fighter’ was so she will be recognized more and prove her dance skills. But in reality, Chaeyeon’s dance skills lack compare to the professional dancers.”

[+683, -42] But it’s true that Chaeyeon wouldn’t be on this show. I also thought Chaeyeon was a good dancer and that her dancing skills were top 1 in the world, but when she appeared in SWF, her image completely collapsed. The other dancers are more feverish than Chaeyeon. She gained nothing from this experience. At first, the response was very good, but now it’s moved on to all the other dancers.

[+621, -47] But I don’t think Chaeyeon will regret it… If it were me, I would challenge myself with difficult things, but I also did my best, gained more confidence and learned many things!!! Surely Lee Chaeyeon will feel the same, right? I think Chaeyeon will be fine.

[+550, -89] Chaeyeon might regret joining SWF but if I were her, I’d be more worried about my future… Chaeyeon doesn’t get compliments on things like beauty or singing… The only thing she has is dancing. But now the image has collapsed. Chaeyeon appeared as a dancer, and now she’s the worst in SWF…

[+283, -19] Unrelated but Lee Chaeyeon is impressive ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wanting to realize her dream she went on Sixteen and Produce 48, now she’s on SWF… I see a lot of people watching it. chose Chaeyeon as the worst dancer but she never let go of the competition, even though I agree that Chaeyeon’s dance style is always the same…

[+236, -44] She must have regretted being on SWF.

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