This “Girl Planet 999” Trainee Is Going To Debut With A New Girl Group In November?

One of the most anticipated debut projects in the last months of 2021 is the first girl group of Mystic Story. According to exclusive information that the Korean press just published on September 14, the famous trainee group of Mystic Story, commonly known as Mystic Story Rookies or Mystic Story Girls, has set a release date. eyes this winter, more specifically in November.

Mystic Story Girls soon attracted the attention of Kpop fans when announcing the expected lineup in early 2020 with 7 trainees reveal through the group Instagram account “Mystic Story Girl”. However, Takeuchi Miyu and Lee Soo Min has confirmed to leave the company. Then, at the beginning of August this year, another trainee was revealed by Mystic Story through Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” – Kim Su Yeon.

Currently, Kim Su Yeon’s chances to continue in the 2nd round are still uncertain, and with the expected debut information of the girl group Mystic Story, fans are quite concerned about this trainee’s future. Many people hope that Kim Su Yeon will be the 6th member of Mystic Story Girls because at this point, her chances of debuting in “Girls Planet 999” are still quite low. However, if the trainee don’t debut with Mystic Story Girls, it is possible that “Girls Planet 999” is Kim Su Yeon’s last chance of becoming a Kpop idol.

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