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Was Cai Bing of “Girl Planet 999” Being Evil Edited?

The performance of team Salute in episode 7 of Girls Planet 999 included 9 contestants: Yoon Jia, Kim Hyerim, Kim Doah, Cai Bing, Jang Luo Fei, Chiayi , Arai Risako, Hayase Hana and Shima Moka.

During practice and evaluation with the coaches, when asked who made the choreography, Cai Bing was the first to raise her hand, while the other members did not have time to react. Seeing that, Kim Doah explained to the judges the choreography was made by 5 people.

After the performance, the group was judged to be quite good, but Cai Bing was commented on as being rigid and performing faster than the rest of the members. Sunmi suggested that the group reconsider who will do the killing part. Regarding this, the Chinese contestant said that she can correct it through practice, but now that she is the leader of the group, she has to arrange the position and movement of everyone, so there is no time for personal practice.

While the girls gathered to discuss after the interim check, Hyerim spoke out that they should reconsider the killing part. Cai Bing expressed her thoughts, “The killing part compared to the explosive choreography must attract all eyes. It’s not that I insist on doing it, I believe that all of the members are good dancers. As long as we dance well, we can all become the killing part and stand out.” When giving an interview, one member expressed her true thoughts that she wanted JiA to dance the killing part, but because Cai Bing cried, everyone stopped.

The girls practice again, but Chai Bing continues to make everyone unhappy by competing with Luo Fei. The team discussed that the segment was performed by Luo Fei alone, but Cai Bing was dancing with her during practice. As the discussion was getting intense, Cai Bing was adamant: “I’m the leader, I think just doing what I said is fine. Don’t give any more opinions.”

During the rehearsal, Cai Bing was mention again by the masters, saying that she danced too fast. But to everyone surprise, the final performance was flawless, although Cai Bing took on the killing part, she doesn’t have any screen time. Some of the dance break part of Cai Bing during rehearsal was danced by Jia in the performance. This show that the team has solved their problem and reconciled, but it was left out by Mnet. This make Cai Bing fans very angry, thinking that Mnet was intentionally evil edit her to be the villain.

  • Mnet already evil edit Cai Bing, but when acting as the center, they doesn’t even film her’s face clearly, they only shoots the other members, isn’t it too obvious Mnet.
  • Cai Bing was beaten up by Mnet evil editing, looking at the way the station pushed, you know how many C-group members Mnet will debut!
  • With the reputation of holding the killing part, Mnet really focused on the drama with Cai Bing, but on stage she only got a few second of screen time.
  • When in the practice room, Cai Bing was edited to be a selfish greedy person who force her opinion on everyone, and was desperately trying to keep her killing part to stand out. But then on stage she completely disappear, and her dance part was taken by Jia.

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