Girl Planet 999 “Fate” stage was accuse of copying this idol’s performance

After the latest episode of girl planet 999 was broadcast, a controversial situation broke out when the “Fate” stage was accused by a part of Korean netizens of “plagiarizing” the idea of ​​the senior.

In terms of choreography and arrangement, this performance is considered to have too many similarities with the stage of N (VIXX), who also performed a dance cover for the song “Fate” about 5 years ago. Since the Combination Mission requires contestants to choreograph themselves, some netizens have criticized the contestants for “learning” too much from N’s performance.

However, not everyone agrees with the accusation of “plagiarism”. Many opinions stated that both the details of the choreography and the feeling and atmosphere from the two stages are completely different. The only thing in common is that both N and the “Girls Planet 999” contestants used contemporary dance techniques to recreate the song “Fate” by Lee Sun Hee.

Besides, some netizens also pointed out that the only plagiarism problem between these two performances is that the mix is ​​too similar. so the one to be criticized here should be Mnet and not the contestants.

  • “If you look at the whole song selection process, you’ll see that the mix is ​​made by the production team. This is a challenge for the dance position, the mix is ​​already available and the contestants just thought of the choreography, so Then why is the contestant being criticized?Also, is the choreography of the two versions really that similar? Is it the same to just wave the towel in the air or use contemporary dance techniques? over?”
  • “About the mix, it’s Mnet’s fault, as a VIXX fan I hope everyone doesn’t attack the contestants”
  • “At first glance, it seems quite similar, but with a song like this that tells you to dance, maybe all stages will give the same feeling. Personally, I think except for that holding the cloth with two hands, the choreography details are not the same”
  • “This is a dance position, so the mix is ​​already prepared by the production team. But if the problem here is the mix, shouldn’t it be Mnet that should be criticized?”
  • “I watched both versions and honestly the choreography is not that similar to the point of being suspected of plagiarism”
  • “It’s not like that at all. It’s simply that they both use contemporary dance techniques.”
  • “I just watched the fancam of the full ver version of ‘Girls Planet 999′ this morning and it’s clear that the atmosphere is completely different from N’s. N’s version gives the feeling of a guardian warrior, while the pilots’ version “Girls Planet” students focus more on the feelings of encounters and separations.
  • “If you don’t even have a duplicate move, how can you call it plagiarism ㅋㅋ Even the cap pictures above don’t match the criticism ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “The only issue that is potentially controversial here is the mix, but if so, the ones who should be criticized should be Mnet and the people who make the show”

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