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Rumor Elimination Results of “Girl Planet 999”

As the announcement of the results of the 2nd elimination round of “Girls Planet 999” gets closer and closer, fans are more and more confused because so many different rumors are being spread on social networking sites and acting. online forum. There are rumors that are quite authentic, but there are also rumors that fans just read have found it to be unreliable.

One thing that Mnet probably can’t even imagine is that Kpop fans have predicted the list of contestants who survived the 2nd qualifying round of “Girls Planet 999” thanks to the teaser released by the station.

In the teaser’s last scene, the camera took a panoramic shot of the contestants’ seating area below. And even though Mnet was careful to blur it, the audience could still notice that a lot of empty seats appeared in this area. Many keen-eyed fans have counted a total of 24 empty seats in the contestant’s seating area, which means that 24 contestants have been called up for the next round.

After that, fans also found out the seating position of each team in the Combination Mission, thereby predicting the elimination of each person based on their position as well as their achievements and popularity. “Girls Planet 999” from the first episode so far maintains the same fixed seating arrangement for Cells or Teams: K sits in the middle, C sits to the right, and J sits to the left. This is an important hint for fans to figure out the results.

According to fans’ speculation, the specific results of each team are as follows:

3 members team:

We are:

  • Move on: Kim Bora, WenZhe, Nagai Manami
  • Eliminated: None

“No Excuses”:

  • Move on: Ezaki Hikaru
  • Eliminated: Kim Su Yeon, Jang Zige

“All About You”

  • Move on: Hwang XingQiao
  • Eliminated: Choi Yeyong, Sakurai Miu


  • Move on: None
  • Eliminated: Lee Chae Yun, Liang Qiao, Kamimoto Kotone

“Mafia In the Morning”

  • Move on: Fu Yaning, Sakamoto Mashiro
  • Eliminated: Huh Ji Won

“My House”

  • Move on: Seo Young Eun
  • Eliminated: Wang Yale, Kuwahara Ayana

6 members team:

“Missing You”

  • Move on: Kawaguchi Yurina
  • Eliminated: Ahn Jeongmin, Lee Hyewon, Zhou Xin Yu, Leung Cheuk Ying, Kubo Reina

“My Sea”

  • Move on: Kim Chae Hyun, Xi Yi Zin, Nonaka Shana
  • Eliminated: Jeong Ji Yoon, Li Yi Man, Sakamoto Shihona


  • Move on: Choi Yu Jin, Kang Ye Seo, Shn XiaoTing, Su Rui Qi, May
  • Eliminated: Yamauchi Moana

9 members team:

“Ice Cream”

  • Move on:  Kim Dayeon, Guinn Myah, Huening Bahiyyih, Chen Hsin Wei, Ikema Ruan, Kishida Ririka
  • Eliminated: Hsu Nien Tzu, Wu Tammy, Fujimoto Ayaka


  • Move on:  Cai Bing
  • Eliminated: Kim Do Ah, Kim Hye Rim, Yoon Ji A, Chia Yi, Zhang Luo Fei, Arai Risako, Hayase Hana, Shima Moka 

Thus, the Top 8 results of each group can be inferred as follows (not by any order):

K-GROUP: Kim Bora, Seo Young Eun, Kim Chae Hyun, Choi Yu Jin, Kang Ye Seo, Kim Dayeon, Guinn Myah, Huening Bahiyyih

C-GROUP: Wen Zhe, Hwang XingQiao, Fu Yaning, Xu Zi Yin, Shen XiaoTing, Su Rui Qi, Chen Hsin Wei, Cai Bing

J-GROUP: Nagai Manami, Ezaki Hikaru, Sakamoto Mashiro, Kawaguchi Yurina, Nonaka Shana, May, Ikema Ruan, Kishida Ririka

It can be seen that the above speculation is quite different from the rumors that have been spread before, the most notable of which is that a series of popular contestants such as Kim Do Ah, Huh Ji Won, Yoon Ji A,… was eliminated despite receiving a huge bonus in the Combination Mission. Meanwhile, some trainees that rumors once said would be eliminated like Kim Bora or Guinn Myah were said to have enough votes to continue without bonus points and Planet Pass.

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