Netizen Respond To the 2nd Elimination Results of “Girl Planet 999”

The 2nd elimination round of “Girls Planet 999” brought quite a lot of unexpected changes from what happened in the first round, bringing mixed emotions of the fans of the contestants. From 54 faces remaining in the first elimination round, only 27 contestants can continue to participate in the third round mission called Creation Mission. And like all other Mnet survival shows, the 2nd round results at “Girls Planet 999” face alot of opinions among K netizen

It can be said that after 2/3 of the way at “Girls Planet 999”, Shen Xiao Ting and Kawaguchi Yurina are being considered as the two strongest candidates for the debut as they continuously lead with the highest number of votes. However, these 2 girls ranking still doesn’t sit well with the Korean online community . In an article posted on the Nate Pann forum after the 2nd elimination round ended, a netizen questioned why Yurina and Shen Xiao Ting were constantly ranked in the top positions while they had not yet show much potential after many round of the competition.

As for Xiao Ting, a lot of comments from Korean netizens think that she is the best choice among the C-GROUP contestants. But for Yurina, K Netizen question her skills and visual, and wonder if she is the best choice when it comes to J group

In addition, there are 2 Korean trainees whose rankings doesn’t sit well with K netizen. The two contestants mentioned here are Huening Bahiyyih and Kim Doah. Although only 1 place apart, their fate in the competition was completely different: Huening Bahiyyih was allowed to continue while Kim Doah has been eliminated.

In fact, Kim Doah was one of the most prominent trainees of K-GROUP since “Girls Planet 999” was not officially aired. This contestant has a high recognition because she participated in “Produce 48”, became an advertising model for Etude House and also participated in a web drama. Meanwhile, Huening Bahiyyih is a controversial name when Korean netizens said that the 2004 trainee doesn’t deserve her popularity and ranking, as her presence in “Girls Planet 999” so far is not enough to make an impression on the audience. Many complain that her popularity only came from the TXT fandom.

Regardless, Many people defended and expressed sympathy for Huening Bahiyyih. The contestant’s supporters claim that Huening Bahiyyih was not the reason for Kim Doah’s disqualification, and that it is unfair for her to be subjected to severe hate comments when she herself has done nothing wrong.

“What is with that Yurina that she ranks so high every round?”

“I fully agree with Shen Tieu Dinh’s visual, but what about Yurina…?”

“I agree that Yurina hasn’t shown anything yet, but why is Shen Tieu Dinh controversial…? Shen Tieu Dinh has no scandals or scandals, was chosen to be the center of C-GROUP, her ability is also good. , and was also voted by other contestants as the one with the best visual on the show.”

“No but do you guys really think Yurina is the prettiest among the Japanese contestants…? She’s not my type at all so I feel weird. If you count on ‘Produce 101’, then won’t Yurina play the same role as Jeon Somi and Jang Wonyoung, who keep winning 1st place ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Besides Shen Tieu Dinh, the Chinese contestants have no one else to vote for;”

“Instead of Yurina, I think Mashiro would be better. Why are there so many people voting for Yurina?”

“I think Shana is much better than Yurina. Her voice color is amazing, not to mention Shana always tries to speak Korean as much as possible and Yurina is… ㅋㅋ”

“When Yurina first performed TWICE’s song, I thought her vocals were fine, but it turns out that’s not the case. When performing ‘Missing You’, you can see Yurina still uses vocal singing. The nose is typical of Japanese people, so it’s very annoying. As for Shen Xiao Ting, although her voice is not up to the main vocal level, she always does her part well. From “Rumor”, “How You Like That” to ” Fate”, Shen Xiao Ting’s vocals are all very good.

“Above photo: 8th place to continue. Bottom photo: 9th place, eliminated. This life seems to be playing with me, it feels like every order in the world has been turned upside down. …”

“I feel sorry for the contestants who don’t have a celebrity brother so they have to be pitifully eliminated “

“I also feel it’s unfair that someone benefits from a famous brother, but many people are going too far by mocking their looks and personally attacking a minor”

“Don’t say TXT fans have nothing to do with it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Because MOA voted for her, Doah was eliminated, TXT fans might not even know who this show is”

“After all, why did Huening Bahiyyih get cursed when Kim Doah was eliminated… Wasn’t Kim Doah eliminated because she didn’t have enough votes to continue? Instead of blaming others, why in the first place? How many of you won’t vote for her first?”

“But Doah still gets bonus points and still can’t go on… That means if Doah doesn’t have bonus points, then maybe the gap between them is much bigger. Then why are people saying that Is it because Doah can’t continue because of Bahiyyih?”

“It’s true that Bahiyyih gets a lot of hate, but it was originally because of her brother’s influence that she got attention in the first place. It’s better to get noticed because she’s a former JYP trainee or comes from an actor background. No one said anything because it is the results they achieved through their own efforts. But going on thanks to their family is not true at all.”

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