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Mnet True Intention Behind Dayeon’s “Unusual” Screen Time in Episode 9 of Girl Planet 999

Episode 9 of girl planet 999 has cause a wave of controversy surrounding the K group Center – Kim Da Yeon. Specifically, many viewers after watching episode 9 have turned to hate the female trainee due to her “unusually large” screen time, in this case, not only the female trainee but also her family as well.

In episode 9, 4 team participate in the creation mission can randomly choose 4 unexpected location where they will participate in activities and perform their songs there. 1 of the 4 locations that appeared in the surprise mission that day was Kim Dayeon’s house, and was visited by Team “Shoot!”. In an episode that lasted about an hour and a half, Mnet devoted a large part of the time to Kim Dayeon’s own story – visiting Dayeon’s house, introducing Dayeon’s mother, letting the other members write letters to Dayeon, promoting promote Dayeon’s father’s sushi shop, etc.

This of course doesn’t sit well with netizen and fans of the other girls. It is obvious to every one watching that Mnet has given the contestant too much exposure compare to others. As a results, from being one of the most beloved K group contestant, Kim Dayeon is now receiving a lot of hate after Mnet’s “strange” move in episode 9.

However, there have been opinions from netizen, wondering if promoting Dayeon is what Mnet really trying to do. As most of those who have watched episode 9 can easily point out the “special favor” for Kim Dayeon, it’s hard to believe that an “experience” production team in the field of survival shows like Mnet did not realize how controversial their actions could be.

The answer may be because those negative comments are exactly what Mnet wants!

A Korean netizen recently tried to analyze Mnet’s intentions in Kim Dayeon’s case, and it suprisingly make sense, let’s take a look at the explanation below:

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