Spoiler Ranking For “Girl Planet 999” 3rd Elimination Round

Although it was not until this Friday that the stages in the Creation Mission mission officially aired, but in the past few days, netizens from Korea and the world have soon been buzzing with rumors related to the 3rd round ranking of “Girls Planet 999”.

In eIn episode 9 aired last weekend, “Girls Planet 9 9 9” revealed the midterm rankings of round 3, thereby bringing a lot of surprises. In particular, the event that Kim Dayeon jumped to 2nd place in Top 9, and 1st place of K-GROUP, has met with a lot of mixed opinions, after the controversy of M net “Bias Treatment” to Kim Dayeon’s screen time:

Recently, a rumor titled “Spoiler confirmed ranking of Girls Planet 9 9 9” has attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Many speculate that this is most likely the result of the third round ranking (as the 7th of October) based on Kim Dayeon’s position:

TOP 9:

1. Shen Xiao Ting (C-GROUP)

2. Choi Yujin (K-GROUP)

3. Kawaguchi Yurina (J-GROUP)

4. Ezaki Hikaru (J-GROUP)

5. Kim Chaehyun (K-GROUP)

6. Su Rui Qi (C-GROUP)

7. Nonaka Shana (J-GROUP)

8. Kim Dayeon (K-GROUP)

9. Sakamoto Mashiro (J-GROUP)


10. Kang Yeseo (K-GROUP)

11. Seo Youngeun (K-GROUP)

12. Wen Zhe (C-GROUP)

13. Huening Bahiyyih (K-GROUP)

14. Chen Hsin Wei (C-GROUP)

15. Ikema Ruan (J-GROUP)

16. Nagai Manami (J-GROUP)

17. Hwang Xing Qiao (C-GROUP)

18. Fu Yaning (C-Group)


19. Chai Bing (C-GROUP)

20. Kim Bora (K-GROUP)

21. Kim Suyeon (K-GROUP)

22. Guinn Myah (K-GROUP)

23. Kishida Ririka (J-GROUP)

24. May (J-GROUP)

25. Chou Xinyu (C-GROUP)

26. Kamimoto Kotone (J-GROUP)

A notable point in this list is that Kim Dayeon fell to 6 places in just a few days after being caught in a controversy over being favored by Mnet, from 2nd place to 8th place and could fall out of Top 9 at any time.

Of course, there are still points that make fans question the authenticity of this ranking list, typically the confusing fall of Sakamoto Mashiro, from 5th to 9th. Even Behind the person who just recently made it into the official Top 9 – Nonaka Shana.

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