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(Update) Rumor Ranking of Girl Planet 999 3rd elimination Round

Right after the voting gate of girl planet 999 was closed, rumor’s has been speared regarding the ranking of contestant. One specific rumor is now gaining alot of attention from netizen. Specifically, this rumor was posted a few hours after the contestant have completed the recording of the 3rd elimination round, in the late evening of October 10. According to this rumor labeled as a spoiler, there will be a lot of shocking changes.

The top 9 of the 3rd qualifying round (indicated by the initials in the Korean names of the contestants) is revealed by this rumor as follows:

  1. SXT (Shen Xiao Ting)
  2. MSR (Sakamoto Mashiro)
  3. KDY (Kim Dayeon)
  4. CYJ (Choi Yujin)
  5. YRN (Kawaguchi Yurina)
  6. HKR (Ezaki Hikaru)
  7. KCH (Kim Chaehyun)
  8. SRQ (Su Rui Qi)
  9. FYN (Fu Ya Ning)

Besides, the aforementioned rumor also revealed others suggestions: Cai Bing, Kim Bora eliminated, Ruan survive, Planet Pass will be given to 1 Korean contestant, and the line K2J4C2 (2 Korean, 4 Japanese, 2 Chinese). It is not yet clear if this is a hint about the number of contestants eliminated in each group, or the number of safe contestant, from rank 10th to 17th.

At the same time, an unexpected event occurred. This morning, many fans of contestant Cai Bing from C-GROUP were confused when they discovered she was active on Weibo. Specifically, Cai Bing Weibo Account suddenly increase in following, making fans suspect that Cai Bing has been eliminated and was active on weibo. However, some netizen comment that it was her manager that uses the account, and the Chinese trainee is still safe.

It should be reminded once again that until the results are published on Mnet, what is listed above as well as all other information spread on social networks are still just rumors, and there is no guarantee that the rumor are true.

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