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Girl Planet 999 Contestant Reveal Shocking Truth About Discrimination of C-Trainee

Episode 11 of “Girls Planet 999″will be aired on October 15th. In which, the results of the 3rd qualifying round of “Girls Planet 999” will be reveal, thereby determining 18 contestant to move on to the finale.

Of course, it is not Girls Planet 999 without controversy. Recently, Chinese contestant Ma Yu Ling, who was eliminated from the program, appeared on a Livestream and revealed much unexpected information about what happened behind the scenes. This contestant did not hesitate to assert that there was discrimination in “Girls Planet 9 9 9”, as Koreans staff treated Chinese trainees much worse than their counterparts.

One netizen recounted what Ma Yu Ling said during her livestream: “MYL revealed in a live broadcast that Korean staff always treat Chinese contestants very differently. Many times the the C-GROUP girls had to gather and cry, but fortunately their friendship was very strong and they helped each other to bear the pain. Once, a Korean staff member made MYL so angry that she exploded (but both apologized afterwards). She said that there were 2 staffs who treated the C-GROUP trainees well, but there were only 2 of them.”

This post quickly attracted the special attention of many “Girls Planet 999” viewers, as some wonder if M net was deliberately treating the Chinese contestants badly as they don’t want many of them to debut. Many netizens also believe it is possible that the evil edit situations of Cai Bing, Fu Ya Ning or Su Rui Qi were also scripted from the beginning, stemming from this discriminatory thought.

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