Girl Planet 999 Final Line-up Will Be Very Different From The Previous Top 9 – Here’s Why

In episode 11 of “Girls Planet 999”, broadcast on October 15, we learned which 18 contestants will continue to compete in the final round. Only 9 trainees will be chosen to form the final lineup. With the rapid changes that have occurred through the elimination games, we honestly can’t be sure which contestants have secured their debut spots. And with the voting rule for the final round, the contestants’ rankings will likely again undergo unpredictable changes.

SinceSince it began airing in August of this year, “Girls Planet 999” has undergone several changes to the voting rules. In the first round, fans had to perform 2 voting steps: by Cell and individual. Specifically, fans must choose their favourite 3 Cells and 9 contestants (with a limited ratio of 3 Korean, 3 Chinese, and 3 Japanese) to vote. This voting method was met with criticism when some trainees with high individual votes were still eliminated because their Cell rank was too low.

IIn the 2nd round, the Cell voting rule was cancelled, and the program moved on with only individual voting. Fans can continue to vote for 9 contestants (3 Korean, 3 Chinese, 3 Japanese). By the third elimination round, the number of contestants fans are allowed to vote been reduced to 3 (keeping the same ratio of 1 Korean, 1 Chinese, and 1 Japanese).

Before the finale of “Girls Planet 999”, which will be aired next week, Mnet has announced the latest (and final) voting system for this survival reality show. The “one-pick” voting system allows fans to vote for only one contestant and can vote once a day, which was used in the finale of previous Mnet’s survival shows. The final voting round will be divided into 2 stages. The first phase began right after episode 11 ended and will last for a week, officially ending at 10 am on October 22 (KST). Stage 2 will only take place during “Girls Planet 999″‘s live broadcast on the evening of October 22. At the end of this episode, votes from both rounds will be aggregated to determine the 9 contestants who will debut in a brand-new girl group.

Since the first round, the point calculation rules remain the same – 50% of the votes from the Korean audience and 50% of the votes from all the remaining countries. Since Mnet did not mention any changes to this calculation rule, many believe that the final score will be similarly determined. However, the problem here is that when combined with the “one-pick” voting system, the 50-50 rule will most likely lead to significant changes in the debut lineup.

Until the final round, everyone who participated in the voting had to vote for the contestants of all 3 groups K, J and C, whether they wanted to or not. This gives a great advantage to the contestants who are not from K-GROUP (the Top 9 in all three previous qualifiers had more than half of the lineup made up of Chinese and Japanese contestants) because Korean and international audiences are required to vote for contestants from the other 2 groups. However, with the new voting system, Korean audiences will not need to vote for any contestants from C-GROUP or J-GROUP to validate their votes. Because 1 Korean vote is equal to 7-8 votes from the international audience, this means that C-GROUP and J-GROUP contestants are put at a disadvantage when they will almost certainly lose a large number of Korean votes.

With only 4 days left until the official finale, fans of the “Girls Planet 999” contestants are concerned that the history of “Produce 48” is about to repeat itself. In the finale, “Produce 48” also used the “one-pick” voting method, which caused a significant disturbance. There were 7 Japanese contestants in the Top 12 debuting in the previous qualifying round, while the number of Korean trainees was only 5. However, when changing to the “one-pick” voting method, only 3 Japanese contestants remained in the IZ * ONE lineup. In comparison, the number of Korean members overwhelmingly dominated with 9 contestants.

In addition, the internet has been buzzing with rumors that during the finale’s live broadcast, only Korean viewers are allowed to vote via text message. If it turns out to be accurate, this will definitely be a significant disadvantage for the Chinese and Japanese contestants, as Korean netizens have been very unhappy with the previous top 9 rankings and always wanted to have as many Korean members as possible.

The first voting period for the “Girls Planet 999” finale is happening on the UNIVERSE app. The final episode of this survival reality show will be broadcast live on October 22 through various platforms.

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