Mnet Announce The Voting Method During the Live Broadcast of “Girls Planet 999”

More than 1 day left before the finale of “Girls Planet 999”, it can be said that all the contestants’ fandom are on the edge of their seats, voting for their 1 pick. It can be said that at the moment, there is no guarantee which contestant will have 100% chance of debut, especially when there are still the 2nd voting period.

As previously announced by Mnet, the final voting round will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 is currently taking place on the UNIVERSE app and will end at 10 a.m, korean standard time, on october 22, while phase 2 will only take place during the live broadcast of the finale. At first, there have been rumors that the second stage will require the audience to vote for 9 trainee, to partially balance the votes between the contestants of groups K, C and J.

But completely contrary to the above rumors, a photo taken by Korean viewers from Mnet’s announcement shows that the live voting period will be 1-pick voting, which mean participants are only allowed to vote for 1 contestant per account.

This information immediately attracted a lot of mixed opinions, especially fans of C-GROUP and J-GROUP contestants. In fact, the 1 pick voting method has created a big disadvantage for the Chinese and Japanese trainees, when Koreans have been, are and will probably still voting for their country’s trainees.

From the beginning of the show, The 50:50 point calculation score (50% Koreans, 50% international) has creates a great advantage for candidates with strong Korean fandom, because the difference is too large between Korean votes and international votes. Combined with the 1-pick voting method, this conversion rate can create a final Top 9 consisting of only Korean contestants, and this is not what the international fans wants.

At the moment, it is not clear whether the live voting round will continue to take place on the UNIVERSE app or through another platform. However, international fans are hoping that Mnet will not allow voting via text messages from Korean phone numbers like “Produce 101”. because it will only make it harder for Chinese and Japanese contestants to get into the debut lineup.

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