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Huening Bahiyyih Is Facing Extreme Boycott after the Finale of “Girls Planet 999”

Although it is still known that the outcome of any survival show cannot satisfy 100% of fans, what happens after “Girls Planet 999” is probably something that the online community can never imagine. The final night held last weekend selected 9 members for the winning girl group – Kep1er. But since then, almost all the fiercest controversies have revolved around only one person: Huening Bahiyyih .

The fact that the female idol can debut at #2 shocked a lot of the show’s viewers. After the finale ended, fans of the remaining members of Kep1er were found to be defaming and isolating Huening Bahiyyih, forums declaring OT8 appears on many social media site, …, causing waves of hate for female idols. Recently, they even filed a petition with the Blue House – the executive office of the republic of Korea – to complain about her presence in the group. Specifically, a petition with the title: “Proposal to ask girl group member … to leave the group because of taking advantage of her brother’s name and unfairly voting” appeared on the official website of Blue House on October 24th.

Many Korean netizens feel frustrated when a part of Kep1er fans, who do not accept the presence of Huening Bahiyyih in the group, are going too far with their action and words. Most netizens assert that fans of other members of Kep1er are acting too childish, rude and toxic to a girl who is still underage like Bahiyyih.

Currently, the wave of boycotting Huening Bahiyyih is still happening and causing fans to take serious measures. Fans of the female idol can send emails to Play M Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment – both of her management company – to urge the company to take actions to protect their artist. Boycotting and insulting Kpop idols is wrong and should be strongly condemn, and fans are hoping that the company and related parties will take action to protect Huening Bahiyyih.

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