Cube’s heartless attitude towards CLC and Choi Yujin

“Girls Planet 999” and the birth of the Kep1er project girl group brought endless joy to the 9 winning girls, helping them reach their debut dream. For some of them, “Girls Planet 999” and Kep1er are still (possibly) the last chance for them to continue pursuing their idol careers after the difficulties and turbulence that happen in the past.

In June of this year, the Kpop fan community was surprised at the news that Choi Yujin – a female idol with 6 years of experience, would participate in “Girls Planet 999” as a contestant. Ignoring the initial doubts and controversies, Yujin increasingly proved her talent and charm through the rounds, maintaining a stable ranking and finishing in 3rd place overall and debuting with Kep1er.

Choi Yujin’s success also sparked a wave of anger and disappointment directed at Cube Entertainment when fans pointed out that this company has been and is being cold-hearted towards Yujin in particular or CLC in particular.

Cube’s cold attitude towards CLC was evident during Choi Yujin’s competition at “Girls Planet 999”. Not only did they not make any announcement about her appearance on Mnet’s survival show (fans only found out about this information from Yujin’s family and friends before the press entered the news), Cube Entertainment also did not have any promotional content for CLC members like other contestants’ management companies.

Not only that, in the final night, even though their artist was in the winning line-up and even won 3rd place overall, Cube did not make any move to congratulate Yujin, even simply re-shared Mnet’s post. Instead, only CLC members posted congratulatory posts to Yujin, while their management company remained silent for the past week.

Seeing Cube’s cold attitude towards CLC, fans are somewhat happy and relieved that now Yujin has been “released” from this company and will be managed by Wake One – Swing in the next 2,5 years working with Kep1er.

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