Was there any Vote Manipulation at Girls Planet 999? Mnet PD Answer the Questions

After the shocking vote manipulation scandal of “Produce 101”, Korean audiences have somewhat completely lost faith in Mnet’s survival programs. For this reason, it’s not surprising that the final result of “Girls Planet 999″ is also being suspected of cheating, especially since the show has delivered so many huge shocks throughout the voting rounds. To answer questions regarding the fairness of the voting system at”Girls Planet 999”, PD Kim Shin Young and PD Jung Woo-Young had an interview with the Korean press after the show ended.

First, the production crew mention the impressive number that “Girls Planet 999” has achieved. In detail, the total number of votes from 175 different countries has exceeded 100 million.

Most comments from netizens during the past weeks expressed surprise when the final ranking was revealed, where the rankings of previously top contestants has a dramatic drop, and some few faces who did not stand out in the previous episodes had unexpected high ratings. Talking about this issue, PD Jung Woo-Young shared that: “We were also surprised to see the results. Once again, we realized that it is impossible to predict who the global audience will choose, The result was too different from the production team’s prediction. The same thing happened when the vote was only conducted in Korea, but since this is a global vote, the surprises are more unpredictable.” PD Kim Shin Young added, “The production team also found out the result during the final broadcast, and we were surprised because what happened before and the final result was so different.”

However, there were obviously doubts as to whether Mnet would “mess up the votes” again, or whether they would turn a blind eye to the voting system problems. Since the end of September this year, a part of netizens has pointed out that the UNIVERSE voting system can be manipulated, when fans can create multiple accounts and vote continuously for their favourite contestant.

To answer this question, The production team of “Girls Planet 999” is also aware of the situation. The PD mentioned that: “In order to make the voting process transparent and fair, the production team of “Girls Planet 999” has collected the vote through UNIVERSE’s global digital certification system, which is considered to be much more stable than the previous system. In addition, UNIVERSE also regularly monitor the vote to prevent vote manipulation.

The production team has increased supervision during the voting period through continuous discussion with the UNIVERSE team. In addition, they also re-checked even after the poll ended to verify the voting results. By analyzing the data, they have determined that the effect of mass voting does not affect the final outcome.

Both Mnet and the production team of “Girls Planet 999” are aware of the controversy surrounding Huening Bahiyyih. PD Kim Shin Young shared, “It’s a pity that this issue has been dragged out even after the debut line up has been confirmed. In fact, Huening Bahiyyih has been loved by fans in many countries. From the production crew’s point of view, she also has her own charm and has fulfilled her duties on stage.” This PD also added, “I hope you all will support the debut group including Huening Bahiyyih. If such controversies continue to break out in the future, it is likely that Kep1er will also be negatively affected. For Bahiyyih herself, that will also become a big heartbreak.”

“Girls Planet 999” began airing on Mnet on August 6 with 99 contestants from Korea, China and Japan. After more than 2 months of competition, the last episode aired on October 22 selected the 9 most voted contestants to debut as the multinational girl group Kep1er, which include: Kim Chaehyun, Huening Bahiyyih, Choi Yujin, Kim Dayeon, Seo Youngeun, Kang Yeseo, Ezaki Hikaru, Sakamoto Masiro and Shen Xiaoting.

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