Netizen Pointed Out 6 Mistake that leads to Lovelyz Disbandment

The information that Lovelyz confirmed their disbandment after 7 years of operation, although somewhat predictable, still shocked fans and the online community. Following GFRIEND, Kpop has lost another noticeable 3rd -gen girl group in 2021. The similarities of these two girl groups make Korean netizens more regretful when they realize the innocent, dreamy concept that used to be a big trend is now gradually disappearing.

Looking back at the career full of regrets of the Woollim girl group, Korean netizens recently pointed out 6 mistakes made by the management company that prevented Lovelyz from becoming one of the top girl group, even though they had a lot of opportunities in the past 7 years.

#1. After “Ah-Choo” – one of Lovelyz’s most successful songs, Woollim should have won over with the same dreamy, cute concept. But only 2 months later, Lovelyz suddenly released “For You” with a gentle, relaxing style.

#2. The group next released – “Destiny” was critically acclaimed by professionals, but the timing was wrong and doesn’t match the season (From spring to summer)

#3. Select “WoW!” as the title track instead of “Cameo”. According to fans, “WoW!” It’s not bad, but it feels “lacking” compared to Lovelyz’s other title songs, while “Cameo” received a much better response after its release.

#4. “Twinkle” – a song with a strong winter atmosphere, was not released in the winter. Instead, “Twinkle” was released at a rather vague time (November, when Korea was still in the transition from autumn to winter), so despite being appreciated for its music quality, The song didn’t really explode in popularity.

#5. From building concepts to promoting individual activities, the company focus too much on Kei, leading to Lovelyz having an overwhelming number of male fans but not many female fans. Meanwhile, anyone interested in K-pop knows that fangirls are extremely important in building a long career for idol groups

#6. “Queendom” was considered a “once in a thousand years” opportunity for Lovelyz to attract fangirls, but the “Sixth Sense” stage ruined it all (the company is also at fault for not stopping the group).

Among the above 6 details, “Queendom” is considered the biggest mistake not only of Lovelyz but also of Woollim Entertainment. Most of the artists and groups participating in Mnet’s “Queendom” program have achieved great success, attracting a large fan base and significantly increasing public recognition. But in contrast to those cases, Lovelyz is the only group that did not take advantage of the opportunity from “Queendom”, even their image was even negatively affected since the performance of “Sixth Sense”.

Up to now, although “Queendom” has ended for 3 years, Lovelyz’s “Sixth Sense” stage is still ridiculed by many netizens. Therefore, if you consider Lovelyz’s career as a game of chess, many people think that appearing on “Queendom” is a wrong move that puts this girl group in a position of losing the game.

“It’s true that Lovelyz didn’t do well on the ‘Sixth Sense’ stage, but it wasn’t such a big mistake that they were mocked so much”

“Lovelyz is so pitiful… Just a few days before debut, Seo Jisoo got into a scandal, all the fangirls left. Later, she sent the group to “Queendom” to be cursed right from the first round”

“”Queendom” is such a good opportunity, but unfortunately Lovelyz only focuses on changing their image instead of staying true to what they do best.Woollim is the one who created Lovelyz’s concept but they have to be the people. making it my own identity, but the problem is that when I watched Lovelyz perform on ‘Queendom’ I didn’t see their eagerness to stick with that concept so I don’t think it’s entirely just that, either. Where’s Woollim’s fault?”

“Sometimes I wonder what if Lovelyz didn’t join ‘Queendom’… The rest of the groups were very popular after ‘Queendom’, but only Lovelyz was ridiculed and criticized for their choice. the song was wrong. So after that, it felt like the company didn’t have any interest in them either.”

“Perhaps ‘Queendom’ also had some influence on their ending… The reaction was not good at all”

“I still remember how terrible the reaction to Lovelyz was during ‘Queendom’…”

“Lovelyz is probably the only group that received a negative reaction after ‘Queendom’… while the other groups were all hugely successful…”

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