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Is Huening Bahiyyih Being Isolated in Kep1er? Netizen Respond to Kep1er 1st V Live.

On October 22, after more than 2 months of competition, Mnet’s survival reality show “Girls Planet 999” selected the official debut lineup of the project girl group that will work together for 2.5 years.

After “Girls Planet 999” ended, Kep1er quickly started preparing for their debut with the expected date to be in December this year. Social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, V Live or the official fan cafe on Daum have also been put into operation by the management company.

On November 4, Kep1er had the first live broadcast on V Live, which also marked the first time where 9 members appeared together since the finale of “Girls Planet 999”. During the 30 minutes Livestream, Kep1er members talked about their recent situation, answered questions from the audience, and thanked all the fans for their support.

However, from this V Live, a “conspiracy theory” appeared when a part of Korean netizens raise the question of whether Huening Bahiyyih was being “isolated” in the group. This “conspiracy theory” arose from a few moments when the members were reading fan comments. During which, only Bahiyyih was seen to be sitting alone. In addition, some netizens also think that she is being discriminated against because despite being ranked 2nd overall, she was placed to sit at the edge of the team.

In fact, the appearance of Huening Bahiyyih in the debut lineup of Kep1er has been causing a lot of controversies. This wave of criticism aimed at the contestant was so serious that the PD of “Girls Planet 999” also had to ask the online community to stop the hate, and affirmed that she also has her own charms.

However, all the “conspiracy theories” about Huening Bahiyyih being “isolated” in the group soon faced strong objections from those who fully watched yesterday’s V Live. Many people pointed out that in other moments, members like Choi Yujin, Shen Xiaoting, Kim Chaehyun or Kim Dayeon complimented Huening Bahiyyih’s beauty, even calling her a princess. This proves that Kep1er is not isolated, but Huening Bahiyyih, on the contrary, tries to help her feel more confident in her appearance. Not only that, the group was only formed not long ago, and it is very normal for the member to be a bit awkward together, after some time, they will form a much closer relationship.

  • “They’re still in the shy phase, does posting that Bahiyyih is shunned by other members make her feel more confident? If you watch the entire broadcast, you’ll see that the members have praising Bahiyyih for being pretty and reading comments calling her a princess is enough to see how well Kep1er is taking care of Bahiyyih. Many people are hating so blindly that they just want to see what they see.”
  • “I thought their views wouldn’t be very high, but in the end the views in the first V Live exceeded what I thought. Since Kep1er is getting such good response, the antis started again. Making up false rumors to bring down the group
  • “If you don’t watch the show, don’t say anything. The members have read a lot of comments saying that Bahiyyih is pretty and looks like a princess”
  • “The group is newly formed so it’s inevitable that the members are still shy with each other, but as long as they develop their relationship, everything will be fine. Bullying or isolation is just nothing. It’s just a rumor. Bahiyyih doesn’t always sit far away from the other members, there are times when they’re close to each other.”
  • “A lot of people live double standards, asking others not to hate Bahiyyih but swearing at other members”
  • “Wow I thought Bahiyyih wouldn’t match Kep1er but it turned out to be a good match”
  • “Even so, how pitiful is it to be 2nd place in the end to have to sit on the sidelines like this”

Based on the time when the management company posted the official photos from yesterday’s V Live, many fans are starting to speculate that Kep1er will officially debut on December 13.

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