“Girls Planet 999” Contestant Fu Yaning Reveal The Truth about Her “Rap-diss” Toward Kep1er Choi Yujin

Fu Ya Ning, a former trainee of Girls Planet 999, revealed in a recent interview that the female Idol’s diss on the show was purely scripted.’

Back on July 30th, Mnet revealed a preview clip for the August 6th episode of ‘Girls Planet 999’, which showed a contestant Fu Yaning was suddenly asked to “say a word” to CLC’s Yujin, a veteran K-Pop idol contestant participating in the show. Fu Yaning then went on to diss Yujin right in front of her face as she went to rap, “We go up! But you don’t.” 

The controversial scene indeed becomes a hot topic, which gathers a lot of attention from Netizens. At the time, many viewers criticized Fu Ya Ning because of her provocative words, and fans rally up to support Yujin. However, many believe that this is only a Mnet trick to create scandal and boost the show’s rating. Luckily, the contestant was able to show her true personality and talents over time, and slowly gain the support of fans. To the point where she was ranked 8 overall and number #2 among all the C-group contestants.

Recently Fu Yaning spoke up about this event in an interview. Accordingly, the female idol confirmed that she was told by the program staff to say the above line, her explanation was as follow:

“Actually, the atmosphere at that time was really good. I respect CLC a lot. When the masters told me to say something, Yujin unnie’s reaction was also very good, what people saw on the show was not how things really happen

When the program was broadcast, the girls in C Group called and texted me asking if I was okay. You may think that there wasn’t any problem based on my reaction, but actually, I tried really hard not to shed tears.

After that, I called my parents and said that it was very hard, and I cried in front of them. My parents comforted me and told me everything would be fine. No one really knew what the situation was like then. I don’t want to be affected by such things. I love the stage and I always look forward to being myself. I don’t want others to destroy me like that.”

Speaking about this incident, In fact, Fu Yaning has shown her love and affection to Choi Yujin multiple time. On October 27, Fu Yaning held an Instagram Live to communicate with her fans following the end of “Girls Planet 999.” As she thought about Choi Yujin, Fu Yaning mention that Yujin is someone she likes very much. She even look directly at the camera and say that she missed her. After the story was revealed, many netizens shows their anger towards Mnet for their behaviour, demanding justice for C-group trainees.

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