Just exactly how popular is BTS Jungkook in the US?

BTS’s popularity in the U.S. as a group is probably something no one can deny, but will they still have the same popularity if it’s individual members? The answer is definitely yes. You know an artist is famous base on the number of times they are mentioned by newspapers, magazines, T.V. shows, and the local media in general. If we had to choose one name that stood out the most and could be considered the most famous K-pop idol in America, many people would immediately think of Jungkook.

Recently, viewers of the series ‘Nancy Drew’ – A TV shows on C.W, discovered that Jungkook was mentioned in their newest episode, and it was unlike anything else. Specifically, the character Nick (played by Tunji Kasim) is sitting with the George sisters, and they begin to argue whether Jungkook’s hair color is purple or blue. When the girls were still arguing, Nick joked: ‘Actually, his hair is blonde!’.

This detail in ‘Nancy Drew’ is actually based on a real-life debate among BTS fans, when many people didn’t know what is Jungkook’s real hair color in a selfie back in February 2021. As for his latest hair colour, it is indeed blond, which was revealed during BTS latest online concert.

The fact that the American media once again mentioned Jungkook made fans realize how popular the male idol is. Recently, a hot topic on Korean online forums listed the number of times BTS’ maknae is mentioned in a very natural way by the U.S. media, as if he is a household name in the U.S. Specifically, BTS in general and Jungkook in particular, are mentioned in the famous cartoon ‘The Simpsons’. The character in the movie even exclaims that ‘He is too Pretty”. Also, an American teen magazine mentioned Jungkook alongside other famous American male stars in their pop quiz section – Who is your dream celeb date?

Not only that, a New Jersey’s largest newspaper also mentioned Jungkook’s in their cartoon section. American cartoonist Jim Medic mentioned Jungkook and BTS in his comic strip ‘Monty’, which was published in New Jersey’s local newspaper.

Spectator USA, an online magazine focusing on America’s politics, culture, and society, mentioned Jungkook in their political article. the author compares the war between political factions to schoolgirls fighting over who will marry Jungkook, without mentioning his background as a K-pop idol.

Last but not least, Jungkook was the only Korean artist nominated in renowned American weekly magazine People, for their prestigious annual event “Sexiest Man Alive 2020”. He won his category as ‘Sexiest International Man.’ And then landed in People’s November 20 issue with other winner’s slash celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Brad Pitt, and Harry Style. It is such a rare case when an artist who was not born in the west get mentioned long side these a list star in the most natural way.

For a Western country like the U.S., a true famous artist is frequently mentioned like a household name. The 23-year-old global superstar has had his fair share of individually appearing in U.S. local media. The fact that it is not only limited to music and entertainment-related proves his solid presence among the locals. So, it is safe to say that Jungkook has been making a name for himself in the U.S. as the most popular K-pop idol and one of the biggest celebrities in the country today.


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