Is TWICE Latest Comeback a Flop?

What do netizens think about their latest title track “SCIENTIST”? Stay tuned to find out!

On November 12, TWICE officially made a comeback with their 3rd full album, ‘Formula of Love: O+T=Love’. The album has 17 tracks, of which the selected title song is ‘SCIENTIST’. Being one of the most popular Gen 3 girl groups, fans and netizens have high expectations for twice’s comeback. However, the results did not seem to be as expected.

Recently, a post mentioning ‘SCIENTIST’s digital achievements’ has become a hot topic on Korean online forums after two days of release. Accordingly, this song ranked 144th on Genie’s Daily chart and 95th on Melon chart. Based on the chart indication at the time, we can see the song’s performance continue to decline. According to the latest update as of 5 pm on November 15 (Korean Standard Time), SCIENTIST ranking Across the music chart has increased slightly. Still, it is too low for a popular girl group like TWICE.

The alarmingly low digital performance comes as a shocking result for the JYP Girl group. Many Netizen and TWICE fans were shocked to see the digital achievements of ‘SCIENTIST’. Most Korean netizens think that ‘SCIENTIST’ doesn’t have a good track record because this song is a bit bland compared to the other track in the album. Next, although the lyrics are primarily Korean, many said they couldn’t hear what the members were singing. This may be partly because the song has a Western feel, so the members’ way of emphasizing the words is also quite strange compared to usual.

Although TWICE also had many title songs that received mixed reviews in the past, in the end, those songs all achieved good results on Korean digital music charts. Because of this, TWICE has always been classified as one of the 3rd generation Kpop girl groups that “do well” in terms of album sales and digital music charts. However, this did not happen with ‘SCIENTIST’, which was very anticipated by K net.

Not only that, some Netizens have a more negative outlook, saying that the song quality is only 1 of the reason why it performs so poorly. They believe the real reason is that TWICE has passed their prime in Korea. The proof is that, even when a song by an idol group does not receive praise by the public, there are still fans who stream and help it rank up on digital music charts like Melon, but with TWICE, it seems that their Korean fans are neglecting this comeback. Meanwhile, international fans are more enthusiastic about album sales but cannot “save” TWICE by interfering with the digital ranking in Korea.

On another note, although Twice’s latest comeback don’t perform well in Korea, the group has achieved positive result in the foreign market. Specifically, TWICE’s latest album helped them become the first Kpop girl group to enter Spotify ‘Top Global Artists” at No.32. TWICE also had two songs simultaneously appear on ‘Spotify Global Chart’ for the first time in the group’s career. The first is ‘The Feel’, which helped TWICE enter the Billboard Hot 100 & The second song is ‘SCIENTIST’. Last but not least, TWICE’s 3rd full album sold more than 238 thousand copies on the first day at Hanteo, overcoming their album ‘Taste Of Love’, with 180.236 copies sold.

So, what do you think about TWICE latest comeback? Why does this comeback receive bad result? Let me know in the comments down below, Until next time!

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  1. I think Twice is so overrated. Korean fans are so toxic, i can’t even bear it! The are doing like, the same song with different name for almost a decade. They always sound the same. Trash


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