Is IZ*ONE Yabuki Nako Being Bullied in HKT48?

After IZ*ONE officially disbanded earlier this year, the members have begun to move to a new chapter in their career with many different plans and intentions. As for the Japanese members, except for Miyawaki Sakura who is currently actively preparing for a new journey in Korea, the other 2 girls have returned to Japan and continue to promote with the old group after 2.5 years of suspends operation.

After IZ*ONE disbanded in April this year, Yabuki Nako returned to her familiar position as a member of HKT48. But Recently, online forums in Korea are currently buzzing with suspicions that Yabuki Nako is being bullied and isolated in the group after returning to Japan.

The rumor started when Nako revealed that she recently lost her AirPods when living in HKT 48 dormitory. According to Nako, she went on for more than a week without finding her air pods, and finally, the former IZ*ONE member found it in the dormitory trash. Many fans began to worry when they realized that Nako was not happy when she told this story.

In another situation, when Nako was promoting in Japan, she had to explain a Korean word. However, while explaining the word in Japanese, Nako suddenly switched to Korean. Most importantly, it can be seen that the members of HKT48 in the back suddenly turned to look at each other and showed a distain attitude. The video recording this situation was later blocked because there were too many negative comments regarding the expressions of the members behind. In addition, Nako has recently expressed how much she missed the IZ*ONE members stating, “I really miss IZ*ONE,” further raising suspicions that she is being bullied by the Japanese members.

After the suspicion of bullying was spread on Korean’s forums, many Netizens were outraged and could not help but feel sorry for the Japanese Idol. The article gathering the unusual events that took place between Yabuki Nako and HKT48 quickly attracted more than 200,000 views, about 2,000 votes and more than 350 comments from Korean netizens after only half a day of posting on the Nate Pann forum.

[+814, -22] What the hell? Sounds like an inferiority complex… Nako-yah, come back to Korea

[+727, -6] Didn’t Miku something start this? Even Japanese people recognize this atmosphere

[+716, -6] As far as I know, Miku and Nako have a twin sister concept but the more popular the group is, the more the concept deviates. In Japan, when the group went up, Miku also went up. But because Nako participated in Produce, her voice and skills are good, so she rose to the top. I know that Japanese people have muffled voices, but every time I listen to Nako sing in Japanese, I regret that unrepairable nasal voice. Even though she sings Whisper of the Heart really well, she’s even in IZ*ONE’s vocal line. The range with Nako’s voice is good, but they don’t seem to take advantage of it. Obviously Miku is very attractive but because all the attention is on Nako, she is starting to feel self-conscious. Hitomi is mentally strong enough to take good care of herself, but Nako is, surprisingly, not as strong. I’m pretty worried about her. I hope both Hitomi and Nako can happily promote in Japan

[+433, 0] Hulㅋㅋ when they say “the girl in the pool”, are they talking about Korean? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The brains of these idiots can’t be normal, can’t they?

[+269, 0] Since the members of IZ*ONE, SakNakHi, are all doing well in Japan, they all have low self-esteem ㅋㅋ Maybe it’s because Nako and Hitomi have both become Kirsh’s muses again

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