Korean Netizen React to Kep1er 1st Image Teaser

On November 22, Kep1er introduced to the audience a special website before the official debut. The true meaning behind the mysterious images appearing on this website is still unknown, and many fans are speculating that this is most likely a countdown to the debut of the rookie girl group from “Girls Planet 999”.

Besides, Kep1er also shared the first teaser photo with the name “Hello Kep1er”. Through this photo, the audience and fans can somewhat imagine the concept for the group’s upcoming debut. But from this teaser photo, controversy explodes regarding the member’s position and the image concept.

It can be seen in the newly released photo that the person seated in the centre is Shen Xiao Ting. This fact has created fierce controversy in Kep1er’s own fandom because Shen Xiao Ting was only ranked 9th overall, while Kim Chaehyun – who won the first place with the highest number of votes, was not seated correctly

In fact, Kep1er’s center story has soon caused many controversies since this girl group released a dance practice video for the title song “O.O.O.”. In all the public appearances of Kep1er so far, Chaehyun is always fixed in the centre position. Therefore, Kim Chaehyun’s fans were even more upset when they saw her “robbed” of the position that should have belonged to her in the group’s first teaser.

The second and main reason why the “Hello Kep1er” teaser is being criticized everywhere is that the concept and makeup are so weird that the members look like completely different people. Even the members who were famous for their outstanding visuals during “Girls Planet 999” were given terrible makeup and hairstyle, making fans unable to recognize their favourite member. Surprisingly, Only Huening Bahiyih is receiving fraise for her appearance in this teaser.

1. What is this???????? Why do the photos look blurry and weird? I wiped my screen;

2. No, I think their hairstyles and makeup are weird too… What’s the concept?

3. It’s just a mess….

4. This is weird, I don’t think it was done by a professional

5. Huening Bahiyyih looks the best

6. Looks like they don’t have any art and visual directors

7. Really? Is this the teaser???

8. IZ*ONE used to be like this so I’m not surprised

9. Huening Kai’s sister was cursed, but I don’t know why she was cursedㅋㅋ She looks the best here

10. The photos are so bad, I was even more shocked when I saw their hairstyles and makeup

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