Netizen React to Kep1er & I’VE Debut Teaser Photos

Only a month after the official lineup was selected from the finale of “Girls Planet 999”, rookie girl group Kep1er recently confirmed their debut date. At exactly 0:00 on November 24, the official social media accounts of Kep1er posted a status that led to their official website, at the same time confirming the girl group’s debut MV will be released at 6 pm on December 14, 2021.

After the official debut date was announced, Kep1er also shared the first set of concept photos called “Concept Photo 1: Connect 0”. In order of age, 3 members Choi Yujin, Shen Xiao Ting and Sakamoto Mashiro, were the first to release individual teasers for the group’s highly-anticipated debut, the next are Individual concept photos of Kim Chaehyun, Kim Dayeon, and Ezaki Hikaru will be released on November 25, followed by Huening Bahiyyih, Seo Youngeun, and Kang Yeseo on November 26.

With the release of their concept photos, Kep1er has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens everywhere. Not long ago, the first teaser photo, “Hello Kep1er”, was considered too weird by netizens in terms of concept, outfit and makeup. At that time, many people criticized the management company for letting the members debut with this eccentric image. However, not long after, it was discovered that this is not actually Kep1er’s debut teaser but a pictorial photo taken for the December issue of DAZED KOREA.

In contrast, the newly released individual concept photos have received a lot of praise from the Korean online community. The images are fraise for having the right hairstyle, outfit, and makeup, which help highlight the members’ visual. The photos also excited the audience because of their choice of debut concept.

Speaking of image teaser, Another K-pop rookie idol that is being discussed alongside kep1er is Starship I’VE. After wrapping up the first two promotions titled “Have What We Want” and “Show What I Have”, I’VE recently released their concept photo for the first single album “ELEVEN”, which will be released at the beginning of December. Yujin and Gaeul – the 2 oldest members of the group, were also the first to be introduced by Starship in the concept photos. From November 22 to 24, The company had all the teaser images of the member.

Releasing individual concept photos almost simultaneously as Kep1er, and being 2 of the strong candidates for the female rookie award of 2022, of course the 2 groups will be compared by netizens. However, contrary to the reaction kep1er recieved, Korean Netizen felt disappointed when I’VE teaser image was taken with the girl crush concept. In recent years, the girl crush concept has been flourishing in the Korean idol industry. Still, only a few girl groups pursuing this concept really succeed in the domestic market. Therefore, Korean netizens began to fear that I’VE wouldn’t be able to compete with representatives of big companies like BLACKPINK or aespa. Even when they had both Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung, which already had massive recognition in Korea. Because of this, girl crush is the concept that Korean netizens want Starship to avoid at all costs.

In contrast to I’VE, Kep1er’s individual teaser images that have just been released show that the group will not follow the girl crush concept. This soon received many supportive comments from South Korea online community. Many netizens even believe that if they choose a good song with the right concept, Kep1er is capable of huge success even though the program “girl planet 999” didn’t really receive much traction in Korea.

Why is it so beautiful????”

“The kids who criticized Kep1er for not having visuals are probably hiding now ㅋㅋ”

“Shen Xiao Ting is crazy… Let’s rip off Kpop with that visual!!!”

“Everyone is pretty… The company chose a good concept”

“Wow, why did everyone look weird in their previous group photos, but the individual pictures are so pretty…”

-> “The photo the other day was just a pictorial”

-> “That’s DAZED’s pictorial”

“I knew Shen Xiao Ting was pretty but I didn’t expect both Mashiro and Choi Yujin to be so pretty.. Looking forward to Kim Chaehyun and Kang Yeseo’s individual photos ㅠㅠ”

“I like this group’s concept photos. Mashiro right? So pretty”

“Choi Yujin looks better here when working with CLC. The photos are so good”

“And who said the other day that Kep1er doesn’t have a visual ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Isn’t he this pretty?”

“In terms of face, I’VE is prettier but after seeing the concept, I’m looking forward to Kep1er more. Why did I’VE have to follow a girl crush concept..”

“This time, I really have to commend the company for choosing a very smart concept. The style, the hairstyle, the makeup, it all suits Kep1er very well”

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