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What Will Happen To BLACKPINK After Lisa Was Confirmed With COVID?

One of the most buzzing entertainment news in Korea right now is that Lisa of BLACKPINK was confirmed to be positive for COVID-19, despite receiving both vaccines. As a member of the famous girl group BLACKPINK, the fact that Lisa is infected with Covid-19 has created a lot of mixed opinions on social networks. This incident happens at a very bad time for BLACKPINK because being the end of the year, the group is packed with personal & group schedules. Lisa’s infection with Covid-19 will definitely affect BLACKPINK a lot in the future.

In terms of Lisa condition, YG has confirmed that she only has mild symptoms. However, many fans are still worried about the female idol’s health. Specifically, the “Post-Covid-19 syndrome” is a worrying problem for Lisa fans. As a singer, Lisa’s voice and mental health are a big matter of concern, therefor fans can’t stop but worry for the female idol.

The first problem this incident cause is that the schedule of each member is affected. All 3 BLACKPINK members have to isolate themselves at home and monitor their health. On November 25, Rosé was scheduled to attend a fashion event in Seoul, but she had to cancel it while self-isolating at home. Jisoo is also preparing to promote the drama “Snowdrop” in early December. But because of this, it is likely that her personal schedule will have to be postponed or even cancelled.

Not only that, the end of the year is also a very busy time for Kpop idols with many awards shows and music events. This year is a successful solo year for Lisa and Rosé. Fans are looking forward to their appearance at MAMA 2021 taking place on December 11.

On November 23, BLACKPINK caused a storm in the Blink community when the 4 members were together after a long time of solo activities. This is said to be a good sign for fans about their upcoming comeback. In a recent interview, Lisa also revealed that BLACKPINK has returned to work together and is preparing for the upcoming group activities. Therefore, this event will definitely slow down the preparation progress for BLACKPINK’s new product.

Being one of the most famous girl groups in K pop and a large community of BLINK, BLACKPINK is also notorious for having a divisive fanbase. The fact that Lisa was infected with Covid-19 has brought negative effects to the group’s image.

On social networks, many topics criticized Lisa for her lack of security when she was seen entering a crowded place without wearing a mask. Many commenters also speculated that Lisa was infected during a trip to Los Angeles 2 weeks ago. Although it was just a rumour, the image of her partying at a crowded nightclub is enough for netizens to point fingers.

Not only Lisa but the other members of BLACKPINK were also caught in the discussion. Jennie and Rosé were criticized as well when they were seen partying in the US without wearing a mask. This makes fans of each member not happy, and cause a big debate on social media.

Lastly, the situation of Covid-19 in the US is still tense when there are tens of thousands of new cases every day. The fact that BLACKPINK members attend social gatherings in the US without wearing a mask accidentally becomes a negative image in the eyes of Korean netizens – who are inherently conservative. Many opinions assert that YG girls should have obeyed the strict mask-wearing policy, even if they are not in Korea.

Overall, being contracted with the diseased is something that no one wanted, right now, what fans wanted the most is to see all the members getting well and returning together on stage. We hope to see the girls become better and perform on stage soon.

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