BTS Member Create Their Instagram Account and Break Multiple Records.

BTS has so far only used Twitter accounts to interact with fans even though many Kpop idols tend to use Instagram. However, most recently, on the afternoon of December 6, The group surprised all fans when they announced each member’s personal Instagram accounts.

Although Big Hit has yet to make an official announcement, but fans quickly discovered that BTS’s joint Instagram account bts.bighitofficial followed all 7 individual members’ accounts. In addition, the accounts of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook all have a green checkmark, which shows that they have prepared before publishing their accounts. After 8 years of debut, all BTS members finally officially opened personal Instagram accounts as a private space to share pictures of their daily life with fans.

It is known that right after these accounts were found by fans, within about 30 minutes, the accounts of all 7 BTS members had reached 1 million followers. This could have broken the world record for the fastest 1 million follower milestones that Guinness has previously confirmed, which is NCT member Taeil, for reaching 1 million followers in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Not only that, V has become the first Asian artist with the most likes post in Instagram history. This post hit 13.7 million likes in just 22 hours. V also beat another Asian artist with the most likes on Instagram, Lisa of BLACKPINK. Lisa previously had an Instagram post that recorded 13 million likes after 66 hours and 55 minutes. This BTS member has also broken multiple Instagram records.

Specifically, V’s account became the fastest account to reach 1 to 20 million followers on the platform, the first Asian individuals that reached 13 millions like on a post, the Asian artist with the most likes post on Instagram so far, and the person with the most liked comment on Instagram history, breaking Zendaya’s record of more than 900k likes. This comment by V is below Jimin’s first Instagram post and reached over 1 million like


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