Rumour Dispatch Couple for 2022

In less than a month, people worldwide will say goodbye to the tumultuous old year 2021, and welcome the new year 2022 with the hope for more positive changes. For Korean and especially Kpop, K drama fans, the new year has a very special meaning because on January 1st of every year, Dispatch – one of the biggest news sites in Korea, will reveal the dating story of a celebrity couple in the Korean entertainment industry.

In 2021, the most powerful couple in the Korean film industry, Hyun Bin – Son Ye-jin, became the couple that Dispatch chose to reveal during the new year’s. According to Dispatch, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have been only dating for around eight months, even though they have been tied up in dating rumors since 2018. In January 2019, they were spotted in America together. In January 2020, another report of their relationship emerged, even sparking rumors of a possible wedding.

Recently, the Korean online community on the Nate Pann forum recently opened a topic to predict which singers, idols or actors will take on the mantle for Dispatch in 2022.

For the big reveal of 2022, Korean Netizen mentioned some potential candidates that could be the target of dispatch. Surprisingly, A large percentage of comments mention Ryujin of ITZY and Haechan of NCT. Rumors of the two young idols’ romance have been circulating for a long time since the beginning of this year. Although fans have repeatedly gathered evidence to show that it is all just netizens speculation, and the 2 idols management company themselves have not once addressed the rumor. Still, it seems like many fans can’t get over their belief that these 2 idols are dating.

Besides Haechan & Ryujin, a number of other idol couples and actors were also mentioned. Some of them quickly created fierce controversies because Korean netizens.

In detail, 2 of the couple’s names that receive big upvotes were TWICE Nayeon & SEVENTEEN Mingyu, along with IU & ZICO. While there wasn’t much evidence on the first couple relationship, IU & ZICO are known to be a great friend in real life. In the past, Rumor has been spread by fans that dispatch was actually following the couple for a long time, the first time was when they’re working for their single “Soulmate”, and the second time was when IU came to Zico’s concert as a guest.

 Last but not least, many expect it is the member of BTS who will the reveal by dispatch, as they are the most popular and coverage idols in Korea and around the world.

Notably, the love rumors of some famous members like V or Jimin has caused a stir on social networks. On November 26, Jimin has just excitedly uploaded a series of photos on Weverse to share with fans about his exciting night trip to Los Angeles, USA – where BTS is currently present to host their concerts. A few days later, fans discovered a photo with a similar background to Jimin’s night seascape was posted on Instagram of Kwon Eunbi (former IZ*ONE member). Therefore, fans can’t stop but wonder if the 2 idols were on a date or not, but it turns out that the male idol came to the beach with his bandmate Jungkook.

BTS V Picture
Kwon Eunbi Picture
V came to the beach with Jungkook

[+339, -100] It must be Ryujin and Haechan. Honestly, everyone knows about this couple

[+204, -194] Jang Wonyoung and Woozi

[+140, -12] Shin Sekyung – Im Siwan / Song Kang – Han Sohee. If it’s one of these two, everyone will be happy to support it

[+127, -3] I thought it was Hyun Bin and Son Yejin’s marriage news

[+83, -54] Nayeon and Mingyu

[+60, -0] Haechan Ryujin isn’t charismatic enough yet. Ordinary people who don’t care about idols don’t even know who these two are

[+33, -56] I guess it’s about time BTS got their dating rumors out..

[+32, -3] But IU is definitely dating. At IU’s level, it doesn’t make any sense to say that she’s still single until now ㅋㅋ Moreover, IU’s recent songs are also very sweet

[+28, -20] If I could hear it, it would be IU and Zico ㅇㅇ

[+23, -25] Maybe it’s BTS’ turn. After all, they’re the hottest idols right now. It’s still more interesting to start a new year with an idol

[+21, -0] What’s with Haechan Ryujin ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dispatch only stalks top stars or trending celebrities who are hot

[+19, -2] If Haechan Ryujin is real, Dispatch won’t reveal it. Even if the audience knows Ryujin, when they hear Haechan’s name, they will ask “Who is that?” stop

[+15, -2] Wait but are Zico and IU real?

[+14, -10] If you need a big bang, get out of BTS. Guaranteed the whole world will be in chaos

[+11, -10] Jimin and Jung Yein ㅋㅋ

Let’s just keep in mind that the post and speculation are just fans imagination, and should be taken as a grain of salt.

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