2 Female Idols Got Attacked by BTS ARMY because of this?

Besides all the records and the joys of fans, the act of BTS members creating personal Instagram soon created many problems for themselves and other idols. In less than 24 hours since the members’ accounts were announced, at least 2 female idols became the subject of criticism from BTS fans for petty reasons.

On December 6, Yeri of Red Velvet shared a series of new photos on her personal Instagram, Accompanied by a caption containing only one emoji. But right after that, Red Velvet’s fan community are shocked when Yeri’s post was filled with harsh criticisms, most of which mentioned Jungkook.

The reason is that just hours before Yeri updated her Instagram, Jungkook also posted a photo on his new Instagram account with the same caption.

Also, a “keyboard war” broke out between Reveluv and BTS ARMY, when this fan group accused Yeri of “copying” Jungkook. Although Yeri has used this emoji many times in other posts, she has posted on Instagram before. However, many BTS fans still claim that Yeri intentionally posted the photo on the same day and used the same emoji emoticon as Jungkook to attract attention.

Another incident also occurred involving another female idol. A few hours before, Jennie of BLACKPINK received a flood of negative comments because V had accidentally followed her Instagram account. V immediately unfollowed Jennie’s account and even went on Weverse to ask fans how to disable Instagram’s suggestions.

The controversy between BTS fans and Red Velvet/BLACKPINK continue to explode on social media like Instagram and Twitter; some ARMYs still attack Yeri and Jennie for the same reasons mentioned before. A few BTS Army have apologized and affirmed that those who criticized are just a “minority”, not representing the fandom’s opinion. However, this explanation can’t ease the anger of BLINK and ReVeluv, after seeing severe attacks against their idols still appearing on social networks.

What do you think about this incident? Let us know in the comment section down below until next time!

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