Was TXT Being Mistreated by Mnet at MAMA 2021?

The Mnet Asian Music Awards, aka MAMA, is always one of the most anticipated events by K-Pop fans at the end of the year. The MAMA 2021 event took place at 6 pm on December 11 (KST) at CJ ENM’s Contents World in Paju city, Gyeonggi province, South Korea. The event was hosted by the famous female singer Lee Hyori. This year MAMA award was packed with quality performances from many Idol groups. In addition, the award winner from each category is considered to be worthy, and most netizens agree with the final results.

However, it wouldn’t be Mnet without controversy. After the show ended, many fans pointed out that a male idol group had received unfair treatment during their MAMA appearance. It is none other than TXT from Big Hit Entertainment.

In detail, MOA – fandom of TXT mention 3 incidents where Mnet was mistreating TXT. As you all know, MAMA 2021 opens with a special stage called ‘BlooM the Sound’. This performance featured 6 4th generation idols, including Hyunjin of Stray Kids, Wooyoung from ATEEZ, Yeonjun of TXT, Yeji of ITZY, Karina from Aespa, and Heeseung of ENHYPEN.

After the performance ended, Mnet uploaded the performance video on the station’s Youtube channel. However, there was a problem with the thumbnail photos of the performance. 6 Idols attended this stage performance, but the thumbnail only included 4, without Heeseung & Yeonjun, 2 idols from HYBE company.

Soon after, Mnet received fierce criticism from fans and changed the cover photo to show all 6 performers. However, many people still wonder why they would omit Yeonjun and Heeseung while the video title still mentions all 6 names?

Secondly, coming to MAMA 2021, TXT brought the performance of 2 songs – ‘Frost’ and ‘LO$ER=LO♡ER’ along with a spectacular dance break. However, during TXT’s dance break, the background music was delayed for a slight moment, causing the choreography of TXT and the dancer to be “out of sync”. The camera work during this performance was also lacking – according to fans. Although the error was not significant, it still influenced the quality of the performance.

Right after TXT’s MAMA stage ended, Big Hit Music quickly posted the dance practice version of TXT performance, which included the correct audio and the right camera angle. According to fans, this is the first time Big Hit has posted a dance practice video so quickly. They speculated that this was a move to “correct” Mnet’s mistakes. They showed fans the performance in its intended quality. In addition, the dancers that performed with TXT also mentioned the incident on Instagram, showing their frustration and asked the fans to watch the practice version from HYBE instead of the MAMA performance.

Last but not least, At this year’s MAMA award, TXT received the Bonsang Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 – Top 10 Artists voted by international fans. However, towards the end of their acceptance speech, the mic was suddenly turned off when the leader Soobin was still talking. The background music changed, signalling the next part of the program. Although taken by surprise, Soobin handled it like a pro by calmly continuing and speaking louder to end their speech quickly. Soobin’s quick reflexes have also become a hot topic on Korean online forums when many Korean netizens praise the TXT leader for his professionalism.

After looking back at those incidents, MOA fandom and netizen are extremely angry with the way Mnet treated TXT at MAMA 2021. Some fans suspect that the reason behind this action was because of Big Hit entertainment not letting BTS attend this year’s MAMA award. If you followed the ceremony, you would see that BTS has claimed all 3 Daesang awards, including Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the year. Without BTS presence, the announcement session of MAMA was cut short, which is not the usual case for an award show.

Although still speculations, it is unfortunate for TXT to be caught between such controversy instead of being remembered for their performance. What do you think about the problems that TXT encountered at MAMA 2021? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below! Until next time!

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