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MBC’s “My Teenage Girl” Elimination Shocked Everyone

On the December 12, Episode 3 of MBC’s “My Teenage Girl” officially aired, closed out its first round of “entrance exams.” The entrance exam mission only allows 10 students of each grade to pass, leaving a total of 40 contestants.

Leading up to the end of the episode, before their midterm performance, the elimination process to find the 10 remaining students started. Grade 2 elimination process was aired in this episode. After their performance, homeroom teacher Jo Yuri discussed with her panel to evaluate the trainee. Yuri mentions that she is looking for a trainee that can captivate the viewer, aka “the member that can attract fans”. When trying to pick the remaining trainee, Yuri focused on the captivating quality of the girls. As the result of the match was going to be decided by the audience, she wanted to pick the trainee that grabbed attention during the entrance exam, rather than the midpoint test.

When announcing the result, Yuri decided to eliminate Lee Soo Min, Lee Ha Dam, Park Yu Ra, Lee Seo Yoon, Fukumoto Hina, and Lee Seung Eun. Next, she has a hard time deciding between Jiwon and Seungeun. While Seungeun showed better skills in the midterm test, Jiwon was the one that captivate the attention in her entrance exam. Ultimately, episode 3 ended with the announcement that Jiwon can move to the next round.

In response to this situation, a large number of Korean viewers have been leaving disappointed and angry comments on YouTube and online forums. Many people assert that although talent is not the deciding factor in everything in an idol survival show like “My Teenage Girl”, the fact that a judge or consultant uses visuals as a reason to remove contestants is considered extremely unfair to those who worked so hard to stay on the program.

“Sorry, but her visual being eliminated is more eye-catching… I don’t understand the standard”

“Even if you have the type of face that attracts fans, you should at least have basic skills….”

“Wait but am I wrong, Seung Eun is obviously prettier???”

“If you don’t judge based on ability but only see who has the type of face that attracts fans, why make them practice singing and dancing all day?”

“It seems like Yuri wants to find a visual like YoonA, but Lee Ji Won is not a YoonA visual at all ㅜㅜ Yuri is confusing something”

“What the hell are you saying… Watching the video, it’s clear that the one who got eliminated is the one with the visual that attracts fans”

“This is crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ As a judge, you should judge based on talent, but it is the public who decides which contestant is more attractive”

“As a judge, if you judge based on looks, just choose contestants based on visuals from the beginning, why make the kids practice singing and dancing? I don’t know if it’s a survival contest or a beauty contest? ㅋㅋ “

“There’s no need to discuss who’s better with talent but even considering the visuals, it’s clear that Lee Seung Eun is the one who’s more eye-catching..”

“Think about how sad Seung Eun will be when she hears the reason for her disqualification ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ She’s so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Seung Eun has a main vocal face type that really attracts fans”

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