These Girl Planet 999 Trainee Are Preparing For Their Debut

Some recent updates from the “Girl Planet 999” trainee signal their debut dates are near.

Firstly, Japanese trainee Kamimoto Kotone, who impressed the planet guardian with her rapping skills and confident performance, recently changed her Instagram profile to “individual” and deactivate her Twitter account along with her e-mail address. Fans also noticed that the female trainee has changed her hair colour. Usually, when a trainee deactivates their social media account, it means that they have been signed with a company, or are preparing for the debut.

In Kotone case, although no announcement has been made, netizens spotted that she recently followed the director of ADOR – Min Hee Jin, who is preparing to debut a girl group under HYBE corporation. This gives fans huge hope that Kotone has been recruited by the label, and are now preparing to debut.

Along with Kotone, another Japanese trainee from “Girl Planet 999” is receiving good news. Kuwahara Ayana – the 15 years old trainee from J group, who made an impression on viewers during her performance of My House by 2PM, recently posted a story on her Instagram account. She mentioned that she has to keep her SNS private, then apologizes to her follower and promise everyone that she will work hard for her dream.

This is a clear confirmation that she has been recruited by a company, and are now actively training for her debut. When taking a look at her Instagram account, fans also quickly realize that she followed TOP media – home of 2 other Trainees from Girl Planet 999, Gyun Myah and An Jeongmin.

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