Jae – Former Day6 Member Action Spark Outrage On Social Media.

On the very first day of 2022, Kpop receive unfortunate news when JYP Entertainment announced that member Jae would leave DAY6 and the company after the two sides ended the contract.

Jae’s departure from the group surprised many people, but fans could also have foreseen it. Before the announcement, Jae had expressed his dissatisfaction many times towards the company’s unfair treatment among DAY6 members. He even had to suspend from group activities for a while because of anxiety. At that time, a large number of Jae’s fans criticized JYP for saying that the company had unfairly treated the male idol, leading to his decision to leave.

But just over a week after leaving JYP, Jae got caught in a big scandal that made him receive a lot of criticism from Netizen. During a livestream on Twitch, the former DAY6 member used a discriminatory word to refer to female singer JAMIE (Park Jimin of 15&), for the sake of a joke.

Many netizens were shocked by Jae’s comment because he and JAMIE are known as close friends, not only having been under JYP Entertainment but also collaborating on many shows like “” After School Club” and Dive Studios podcasts. JAMIE herself later became aware of the situation when she shared a series of tweets expressing her thoughts, including lines expressing her displeasure at seeing women being belittled and victimized on the Internet just for the sake of others.

This incident not only caused an uproar in the international online community, but also quickly sparked a wave of anger from Korean netizens. On many forums such as Theqoo, Nate Pann, etc. many topics related to the situation have pop up in the past few days, followed by heavy criticism aimed at Jae. Even a part of Korean netizen apologizes to JYP for blaming them in the past.

In response to a wave of fierce criticism from the online community, Jae later issued an official apology on Twitter and tagged JAMIE’s account. In his apology, the former DAY6 member affirmed that he simply thought this was a joke, and implied that he himself did not know the true meaning of the word. However, Netizens believe that Jae fully knows the meaning of the word when using it as he has live in America for a long time and are fluent in English. By using this reason in his apology, Netizen accuse him of lying and shows that the male idol still not feeling sorry for his action.

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