This Member of VERI VERI was Criticized for bad-mouthing a Female Idol

VERIVERY debuted in 2018 under Jellyfish Entertainment. Although the group has been active for a while, the group is still not famous, but they also have a fairly stable fandom force. However, VERIVERY member Minchan recently caused fierce criticism when sharing this on the group’s livestream.

On January 6, some VERIVERY members had a livestream on Vlive to interact with fans. Among the stories they shared, Minchan drew attention when mentioning the appearance of a female idol that he met in person, when he was still a trainee. Specifically, Minchan mention that when he was in his 3rd year of middle school, a kpop idol transferred to his school. She is a member of a popular idol group, and when he gets to see her in realife, he was shocked because her visual was just like any regular person. She was very approachable and don’t wear makeup when coming to school.

Although Minchan intention was pure, commenting about someone else looks on camera, especially their senior, is a big no no for Korean. During the livestream, it can be seen that the other two members present, Hoyoung and Kangmin, were not comfortable with Minchan’s story. They tried to change the topic and signal the male idol to stop, but it was too late. He even revealed the first letter of the girl group name, which started with a letter B or V.

Soon after, the video became a hot topic on an online forum. Minchan was fiercely criticized for freely judging other people’s looks on livestream. Later, this broadcast video was taken down and the male idol soon posted an apology on the group’s official SNS channels.

Currently, many netizens hope that Minchan and even other idols will learn their lesson, and be more mindful of their words. Meanwhile, the fandom of VERIVERY pointed out that Minchan only want to leave a positive compliment, and antis are just trying to sabotage the group.

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