Winter (Aespa) Caught Up In Personality Controversy During Middle School

Winter of Aespa suddenly got caught up in a rumour about her personality when she was in school.

Accordingly, netizens recently discovered an AskFM account – a forum where users can leave questions to the account owner – belonging to a person named Kim Minjeong. Besides having the same name as Winter, the owner of this account was also born in 2001, from Yangsang city, Gyeongsang province, similar to the aespa member. Because of that, rumours have been spreading that this is the same AskFM account that Winter used when she was a middle school student.

What makes this AskFM account so controversial is that the answers are given in a rather joking manner, with a lot of swear words and vulgar jokes. Not only that, the owner of this account is also an EXO fan and often made inappropriate jokes about the member. Specifically, there was a question asked if the account owner watch EXO’s Showtime? Kim Minjeong’s account replied, ‘I watched it. And I’m just waiting to see Kai reveal his body.’ and attached a meme photo with the caption: ‘Your gaze is so perverted!’

Although this could be considered as Juvenile joke, but the fact that it was left by a middle school student at that time – Netizen started to believe that Winter has a personality issue. It became a bigger problem since she is currently in the same company as EXO. These snapshots of AskFM answers were spread like wild fire throughout Korean online forums such as Theqoo, Pann, DC Gallery, Instiz, etc. Many people believe that this is in fact Winter’s account, and left many malicious comments mocked her personality. Despite that, SM and Winter have kept quiet about the controversy.

Not long after, a Twitter user with the handle @Giminj came forward, claiming to be the owner of this AskFM account and confirmed that Winter has nothing to do with it. On January 8, the account tweeted: ‘Hi, I’m Kim Min Jeong from Yangsan Joongang High School. I’ve seen my AskFM screenshot and would like some clarification. Winter and I were both born in 2001 but I personally don’t know her at all. I don’t know who watched my AskFM and spread it online, but I’m really upset about what happened.’

 In Addition, when asked to verify her identity, the account attached a picture of Yangsan Joongang High School’s yearbook and her resident identification card. Although she later requested to have the photo removed for personal security reasons. Kim claim that she is the real owner of this account, and both her and Winter are ‘victims’ of netizens. Kim also said she is ready to take legal action against the malicious comments targeted the female idol and herself.

Following Kim’s tweets, Winter’s DC Gallery admins, a fanbase of Winter on the DC Inside forum, offered to help Kim’s legal battle. The admins asked netizens for help in gathering ‘evidence’ of malicious postings/comments involving both girls. Right now, the situation has been resolved, and Winter’s name was saved from being dragged through the mud.

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