What Will Happen To BLACKPINK After Lisa Was Confirmed With COVID?

One of the most buzzing entertainment news in Korea right now is that Lisa of BLACKPINK was confirmed to be positive for COVID-19, despite receiving both vaccines. As a member of the famous girl group BLACKPINK, the fact that Lisa is infected with Covid-19 has created a lot of mixed opinions on social networks. This […]

Netizen React to Kep1er & I’VE Debut Teaser Photos

Only a month after the official lineup was selected from the finale of “Girls Planet 999”, rookie girl group Kep1er recently confirmed their debut date. At exactly 0:00 on November 24, the official social media accounts of Kep1er posted a status that led to their official website, at the same time confirming the girl group’s […]

Korean Netizen React to Kep1er 1st Image Teaser

On November 22, Kep1er introduced to the audience a special website before the official debut. The true meaning behind the mysterious images appearing on this website is still unknown, and many fans are speculating that this is most likely a countdown to the debut of the rookie girl group from “Girls Planet 999”. Besides, Kep1er […]

Is IZ*ONE Yabuki Nako Being Bullied in HKT48?

After IZ*ONE officially disbanded earlier this year, the members have begun to move to a new chapter in their career with many different plans and intentions. As for the Japanese members, except for Miyawaki Sakura who is currently actively preparing for a new journey in Korea, the other 2 girls have returned to Japan and […]

Is TWICE Latest Comeback a Flop?

What do netizens think about their latest title track “SCIENTIST”? Stay tuned to find out! On November 12, TWICE officially made a comeback with their 3rd full album, ‘Formula of Love: O+T=Love’. The album has 17 tracks, of which the selected title song is ‘SCIENTIST’. Being one of the most popular Gen 3 girl groups, […]

Just exactly how popular is BTS Jungkook in the US?

BTS’s popularity in the U.S. as a group is probably something no one can deny, but will they still have the same popularity if it’s individual members? The answer is definitely yes. You know an artist is famous base on the number of times they are mentioned by newspapers, magazines, T.V. shows, and the local […]

Netizen Pointed Out 6 Mistake that leads to Lovelyz Disbandment

The information that Lovelyz confirmed their disbandment after 7 years of operation, although somewhat predictable, still shocked fans and the online community. Following GFRIEND, Kpop has lost another noticeable 3rd -gen girl group in 2021. The similarities of these two girl groups make Korean netizens more regretful when they realize the innocent, dreamy concept that […]

Was there any Vote Manipulation at Girls Planet 999? Mnet PD Answer the Questions

After the shocking vote manipulation scandal of “Produce 101”, Korean audiences have somewhat completely lost faith in Mnet’s survival programs. For this reason, it’s not surprising that the final result of “Girls Planet 999″ is also being suspected of cheating, especially since the show has delivered so many huge shocks throughout the voting rounds. To […]


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