Top 9 “Girl Planet 999” Contestant According To Korean Netizen

The 8th episode of girl planet 999 has officially been aired, along with the elimination results and mix emotions. Because the voting resutls of girl planet 999 are global, it is hard to determine the opinion of Korean Netizen. Recently, netizens who watched the show have chosen the contestants that they thought were the best […]

Rumor Elimination Results of “Girl Planet 999”

As the announcement of the results of the 2nd elimination round of “Girls Planet 999” gets closer and closer, fans are more and more confused because so many different rumors are being spread on social networking sites and acting. online forum. There are rumors that are quite authentic, but there are also rumors that fans […]

Girl Planet 999 “Fate” stage was accuse of copying this idol’s performance

After the latest episode of girl planet 999 was broadcast, a controversial situation broke out when the “Fate” stage was accused by a part of Korean netizens of “plagiarizing” the idea of ​​the senior. In terms of choreography and arrangement, this performance is considered to have too many similarities with the stage of N (VIXX), […]

Was Cai Bing of “Girl Planet 999” Being Evil Edited?

The performance of team Salute in episode 7 of Girls Planet 999 included 9 contestants: Yoon Jia, Kim Hyerim, Kim Doah, Cai Bing, Jang Luo Fei, Chiayi , Arai Risako, Hayase Hana and Shima Moka. During practice and evaluation with the coaches, when asked who made the choreography, Cai Bing was the first to raise […]

Netizen Discuss If Chaeyeon Regret Appearing On Mnet “Street Woman Fighter”

Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter,’ in which the best Korean female dance teams compete for the title of best, has been gaining popularity in the media. Many netizens expressed interest in the show even before it premiered, when former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon was announced to be on it. Chaeyeon was deemed the weakest contender by other […]

“Girl Planet 999” Ice Cream Stage Receive Explosive reaction From Netizen

On the evening of September 10, episode 6 of the show Girls Planet 999 officially took place with the second round of missions called Combination Mission. The most noticeable stage in this episode was the performance of the song “Ice Cream” by the 9-member lineup including: Guinn Myah, Ikema Ruan, Kishida Ririka, Fujimoto Ayaka, Kim […]


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