Stray Kids Lead The Chart As The Gen 4 Group With The Most Music Video Views

Recently, a Twitter account has compiled the view count of all Kpop Generation 4 idol group Music Video. The Data was collected from all music released on Youtube with the letter “MV” in the title. Accordingly, Stray Kids lead the chart with 23 music video released, accumulating a total of 1,2 billion views. Follow up […]

Will BLACKPINK And Taylor Swift Collaborate Soon?

Coming soon on August 8, BLACKPINK will celebrate 5 years since the group’s official debut. On this special occasion, YG also started teasing a special project called ‘4+1 PROJECT’. Many fans believe that the group will have other special things for fans in the near future, especially new music products. And recently, fans are even […]

Why Stray Kids BangChan Refuse To Post His Shirtless Photos From Kingdom Performance

 During StrayKids iconic last performances from Mnet‘s Kingdom, fans get to see a very different side of Stray kids leader Bangchan In one particular moment from the performance, Bang Chan takes his shirt off, reveal his amazing physique, and put on a wolf fur jacket while rapping. Needless to say, STAYs aren’t getting over the performance until […]

Stray Kids Felix Found Another K-POP Idols Friend – TXT’s YeonJun

Yeonjun of TXT is known to have more than a few idol friends in his circle. While fans already know how close he is with Stray Kids‘ Changbin, Yeonjun recently revealed he was close with another member as well. During the Double Trouble quiz on After School Club, TXT members have to guess the idol in the two photos […]


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