Korean Netizen Reaction To The Current Top 9 of “Girl Planet 999”

When the finale of “Girls Planet 999” is only 3 days away, the topic that is currently causing storms on social media is the provisional rankings that Mnet has just announced. Many people still could not have foreseen that the situation would turn upside down to this extent. All 8 top positions belong to Korean […]

(Update) Rumor Ranking of Girl Planet 999 3rd elimination Round

Right after the voting gate of girl planet 999 was closed, rumor’s has been speared regarding the ranking of contestant. One specific rumor is now gaining alot of attention from netizen. Specifically, this rumor was posted a few hours after the contestant have completed the recording of the 3rd elimination round, in the late evening […]

Spoiler Ranking For “Girl Planet 999” 3rd Elimination Round

Although it was not until this Friday that the stages in the Creation Mission mission officially aired, but in the past few days, netizens from Korea and the world have soon been buzzing with rumors related to the 3rd round ranking of “Girls Planet 999”. In eIn episode 9 aired last weekend, “Girls Planet 9 […]

Girl Planet 999 Suddenly Announce 3 Trainee That Are In Danger Of Elimination – What is Mnet’s true intention?

On the morning of October 6, viewers who loved Mnet’s survival show “Girls Planet 999” were all surprised with a somewhat abrupt move by the station. Through a video labeled “URGENT NEWS” Mnet has revealed the identities of 3 contestants who are currently in danger of being eliminated, including J-GROUP’s Nagai Nanami, K-GROUP’s Kim Bora, […]

Netizen Respond To the 2nd Elimination Results of “Girl Planet 999”

The 2nd elimination round of “Girls Planet 999” brought quite a lot of unexpected changes from what happened in the first round, bringing mixed emotions of the fans of the contestants. From 54 faces remaining in the first elimination round, only 27 contestants can continue to participate in the third round mission called Creation Mission. […]


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